• Police BootsThat Extra Element of Protection

    Composite toe vs steel toe

    Police boots are obviously the type of footwear that will need to be protective in a number of different ways. They will not be your typical pair of shoes! In law enforcement, it is essential that every part of the body be protected, even the feet. It is a fact that of injured workers, only 23% were wearing safety boots or shoes.

    Some preferred features that are built onto, and into, police boots are extra ankle support, thermal polyurethane wrap for extra protection of the toes, ultra light midsoles, rubber outsoles, a polyurethane film that surrounds the entire shoe to provide extra protection against abrasions, and waterproofing. All over protection is key.

    Including police work where Continue Reading

  • The Ups and Downs of Renting a Condo for Your Beach Vacation

    Vacation condominiums

    Planning a family vacation is tough. But thanks to the Internet, it’s possible to browse thousands of hotels and beachfront condos for rent. But with so many options, you may have an even harder time choosing where to stay. Do you want to take the easy route of booking a hotel or mingle with the locals and rent an apartment or condo?

    There are advantages to booking both hotels and condos for vacations, but they are very different accommodations indeed. The pros and cons may swing you either way.


    Hotels are easy to book and virtually maintenance-free. As long as you don’t break anything, you can live just about any way you want in a hotel. If you’re loo Continue Reading

  • Finding the Right Fabric Rentals for Weddings and Events

    Party linens rentals

    One of the biggest, most monumental days of your lifetime is the day that you say “I do” to the person that you are planning to spend the rest of your life with. Of course, marriage is not for everyone, but the vast majority of people in the United States, at 88%, end up getting married at least one time over the course of their lives. And even if you happen to be in that 12% that never ties the knot, chances are you will attend a wedding at some point or another, or have some sort of grand ceremony in your honor, whether it is a birthday, celebration related to your career, or an event having to do with an organization that you have some involvement with.

    Whatever the case may be, it will likely come in handy at some point to have at least a bit of knowledge about party planning and the hard wo Continue Reading