• Create custom t shirts for fundraising

    Did you know that t shirts are one of the most popular articles of company clothing sold in the world? T shirts are versatile, comfortable, and can be worn in many different ways so its easy to see why they are so popular. There are nearly 2 billion t shirts sold around the globe annually. So what kind of custom t shirts can you create and why do they sell so well?

    If you happen to find yourself fundraising t shirts usually aren’t the first thing that come to mind. It’s not surprising since there are so many different kinds of fundraising options available but think about why t shirts are a good option. Not only will you make a substantial amount of money selling them but each shirt you sell is a walking billboard. By selling a custom company clothing item you are creating a conversation piece for anyone who sees it. The shirt can be worn for years even if the purchaser grows out of it because it will most likely be passed down to another person or donated to a charity thrift shop Continue Reading