• How Does Screen Printing Work?

    Custom t shirts

    Custom printed sweatshirts and custom printed hoodies are popular for groups, organizations, and teams to show a little spirit and unification. Though it’s easy to print your own custom sweatshirts and customized hoodies with iron on transfers, the results are never as quite as high quality as those that come from screen printing. Screen printing allows images to transfer clearly and without error and to have real staying power. Here, we’ll look at the major steps in custom sweatshirt printing with screen printing.

    1. Create Your Design

      The first step is to procure a high resolution design for your shirts. That means that the image needs to have been created with at least 300 DPI (dots per inch) so that it can be separated into individual layers.

    2. Start Separating

      Before the custom sweatshirt printing
      can really begin, the individual colors in your design need to be separated from one another so that they can be applied individually. Each layer is printed on film or vellum similar to that used on overhead projectors.
    3. Burning the Films

      Once films are prepared, they need to be exposed to bright lights. hey’re placed between a screen coated with a photo sensitive liquid called emulsion and the glass of an exposure unit so that the light can shine through the film and onto the screen. Emulsion washes away from all the places where the light doesn’t hit the screen.

    4. Getting Inked

      Screens are washed with water and then applied to the press in the correct order. Then, ink is applied to each screen so that the design is transferred to the sweatshirt where there is no emulsion. Screens are applied in a specific order so that the design appears correctly.

    Custom sweatshirt printing with a screen press is one of the most effective methods for printing shirts. All in all, it’s an ideal solution for creating high quality, long-lasting sweatshirts for your group, team, or organization.

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