Shopping is my cup of tea! I started going to shopping centers, malls, and outlets with my mother when I was very young. I love fashion and shopping for clothing, accessories, shoes, and more! I’ve worked retail in the past, and I’ve spent way too much money at the stores that I worked at, which didn’t help my bank account. My name is Olivia Delaney, and once I graduated from college, I started blogging for companies and for my own personal use. I’m passionate about fashion and I’ve been told that I’m very good at styling clothes. I constantly find myself putting outfits together for both daytime looks and nighttime looks.

My friends look to be as their shopping and fashion expert, and they suggested that I create this blog. Since a lot of businesses now have online sales, it’s important that you know where to begin when you’re looking for jewelry, shoes, purses, etc. Some people might say that I’m an online shopping addict, but I’d like to say that I find deals and I work very hard. I know how to treat myself well without exceeding my budget, and I hope that my insights help you find amazing deals too!

I have accumulated a lot of shopping and fashion knowledge over the years, so you should check out my blog for tricks and tips. Online shopping can be fun if you know where to look, what you’re looking for (i.e. 5-inch black stiletto shoes, designer sunglasses, or even sneakers), and it’s phenomenal if you’re able to save money from shopping online rather than buying something in a mall, such as in a department store. Let me know if you have any fashion or online shopping questions that you’d like me to answer! I hope that you continue to checkout my blog for updates that have your happiness and budget in mind.

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