7 Biggest Benefits of Flying with Jet Charter Services

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Over eight million people fly every day. We all know far too well what eight million travelers can do to an airport: cars backed up from the gate to the freeway, endless lines weaving their way through security, waiting for every other passenger to collect their bags before yours finally shows up on the carousel. Commercial air travel is probably the bane of any business traveler’s existence. Why not save yourself the headache of commercial airlines and fly on jet charter services instead?

If you’ve ever wondered if a private jet is worth the added expense, let us prove to you that it is once and for all.

Seven Biggest Benefits of Jet Charter Services

  1. Convenience

    Jet charter services have the ability to fly in and out of over 100 times as many airports as commercial airlines do. Private jet charters have access to smaller, general aviation airports, allowing them to avoid traffic and bring travelers closer to their destination. Nearly half of all business aircraft flights are through an airport that otherwise has no scheduled or infrequent airline service. With access to over 5,000 public airports, there’s bound to be one near you and/or your destination.
  2. Comfort

    A recent poll by TripAdvisor found that nearly one-third of Americans felt comfortable seating was the biggest improvement commercial airlines could make. According to 41%, adding additional legroom would be even better. Until commercial airlines stop pinching pennies, why not fly on private charter jets where leg room and comfort are both in abundance. What’s more, when you charter a private jet, you never have to choose between aisle or window. You can get up and walk around as much or as little as you choose. On overnight flights, you can even have a full bed made up.
  3. Efficient

    On average, travelers spent over two hours in public airports when flying commercial. That’s on top of the actual flight time to get to your destination. Save yourself the headache of and time wasted getting through ticketing, check-in, and TSA by using private jet charter services instead. Just imagine pulling right onto the tarmac and stepping onto your private airplane charter without worrying about getting through the security line and finding your gate. Even if you choose to depart from a hub airport, your charter jet will leave from a smaller facility known as the Fixed Base of Operation, thus bypassing all the chaos of the commercial terminal.
  4. Safer (for you and your luggage)

    Not only are jet charter services a safe means of travel for passengers, but they also have the added benefit of keeping your luggage close at hand, too. Anyone who’s ever dealt with lost luggage or been told there wasn’t enough carry-on space aboard their commercial aircraft can attest to what a valuable asset this is. On a private aircraft charter, your luggage is always by your side so you never have to worry about it being lost or damaged.
  5. Flexibility

    Private charter jets fly on your schedule. There’s no need to adjust your work or sleep schedule to accommodate the flight times offered by a commercial airline. Jet charter services will depart when it’s convenient for you. Likewise, many charter services can be reserved at a moment’s notice.
  6. Private

    Ever wish you could choose who you sit next to on a flight? With private jet charter services you can. The only people aboard are ones the lead passenger has invited. No snoring neighbor or squalling babies to disrupt the peace (unless you want them there). The cabin seating is yours for the assigning. Want to fly with no one but yourself? Go right ahead.
  7. Productive

    While aboard business aircraft flights, surveyed passengers indicated they dedicated the majority of their time to work-related tasks. On average, 36% spent their time in meetings with colleagues while in-flight, while another 30% dedicated their time to individual work-related tasks. The privacy and comfort of private jet charter services lends itself so well to productivity that respondents reported being 20% more productive while aboard company aircraft than they are in the office. Business men and women flying commercial, on the other hand, rated themselves as 40% less productive while in flight. How’s that for an argument to convince your boss private charter jets are worth the money?

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