7 Tips for More Impactful POP Retail Displays

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There are a lot of ways you can spread the word about your products. Point of purchase (POP) displays are some of the ways to let consumers know about you and your products. One way good POP retail displays improve your bottom line is by encouraging more shoppers to buy what you sell on impulse. It has been said that good point of sale display materials account for 16% of all impulse buys. When you consider the fact that more than 82% of buying decisions are made when people are in the store, that can add up to a lot more sales for you.

  1. Make sure your POP retail displays show off your brand. You brand for your company is more than a slogan for your products or services. It should be the essence of what your business is about and a promise you are making to your customer. When you see pop up exhibits for Cheetos, you see, not just bags of cheesy snacks but images of the mascot, Chester. Your brand needs to be the message.
  2. Spend some time working on your marketing campaign. Your POP retail displays should never be thrown together at the last minute without some serious planning. These are integral parts of your marketing strategy and need to be treated as such. Take the time to work out your message and the visuals. One of the great things about these kinds of displays is that you do not have the limitations that you may have with custom printed banners or signs. They are more two dimensional whereas custom POP displays are three dimensional and interactive. The same set of graphics that works well for flat signs may need some tweaking to work with your POP retail displays.
  3. Be creative. You can do a lot more with the POP displays than you can with other kinds of advertising so spend some time creating something unique and fun. You want something that draws the eye to it but that also compels people to look and interact with your display. You can create different shapes and use depth in these displays. Do not be afraid to mix things up a little with your marketing campaign.
  4. Go big or go home. When it comes to finding success with POP displays, you need to think big. Small displays will be overlooked when they are overshadowed by larger signs and displays. You want to attract people who may not have come into the store looking for what you are selling. Your display should stop them in their tracks and make them think about how your goods can help them.
  5. Make customers want to interact with your displays. You can use funny displays to get people to want to interact with the POP displays that you have put up, and you have a better chance of selling more of your product. Even if they do not make a purchase right after seeing your displays, they will carry your message with them for some time and may share it with their friends and family. The more you get people talking about (in a positive way) you and your products, the better.
  6. Find the right location for your POP retail displays. In real estate, the saying is, “Location, location, location.” The same can be said for all kinds of marketing and advertising and POP displays are no exception to that rule. Think about where you customers are coming from, who they are and how to best get your displays to get their attention.andnbsp;
  7. Be prepared to make changes to your display. Like every other part of your marketing campaigns, you will want to test how your displays are doing, how consumers are responding and what changes you can make to improve their efficacy. No one has a plan that is something that can be finished and left alone to work. You need to be ready to make changes as they need to be made.

There are a lot of marketing options to help spread the message about your products. POP retail displays can be great for finding fun ways to interact with your customer base and learn more about them. That will only help your bottom line.

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