Aromatherapy and Organic Hygiene Products Have Great Benefits

Aromatherapy bath

Aromatherapy and the regular use of essential oils and all natural hygiene products is a great way to take care of one’s health and live a peaceful, joyful and harmonious lifestyle in this fast paced and busy society. Not only are they widely used for spiritual and emotional uplifting purposes, but they also will boost health. The use of essential oils will inspire a positive and happy emotional state, purify the home or work place, enhance the complexion, increase vitality and physical wellness, and create a deeper spiritual awareness.

Aromatherapy and the use of organic hygiene products became widely popular in America in the 1980’s and a study during that decade found that people who take a warm bath with the addition of bath salts or a sea salt bath soak reported higher quality sleep that those in the control group. Other research revealed that many who suffer from diabetes and use a hot tub regularly, at least six days a week for 20-30 minutes each session, can reduce their blood sugar levels. The same study also revealed that those diabetic participants lost over 2 pounds per month compared to the control group when they took hot baths with organic hygiene products. Hot baths also alleviate symptoms of flu, drying mucous and reducing cough.

The use of organic hygiene products and aromatherapy is highly popular and extremely beneficial to anyone who chooses to use them. Many beauty products and candles of today can contain synthetic ingredients that do not have the same properties as essential oils, but true essential oil therapy has been in use for thousands of years. The ancients of many cultures used them in cosmetics, perfumes, and to treat illness, as well as for spiritual practices and rituals and general therapeutic purposes. In 1928, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, a French chemist, discovered that a burn he had acquired on his hand healed very quickly when he applied lavender oil. He began to investigate the chemical properties of organic oils and researched their use to treat wounds and infections including gangrene, on active duty soldiers, leading to the science of aromatherapy.

The benefits of aromatherapy, use of organic hygiene products, and essential oils are myriad. Not only to they have medically proven medicinal and therapeutic benefits, they are a great way to relax after a long day. Lighting some soy jar candles, or using organic bath salts or natural soap bars can be very stress relieving after a tense day at work or just after being out and about taking care of the daily affairs of life.

Let’s not forget that these organic hygiene products make fantastic gifts, from soy jar candles to aromatherapy bath gift sets to organic bath salts, everyone will appreciate your thoughtfulness if you give them the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation that essential oils will bring. There is plenty to choose from! There are an estimated 10,000 different candle scents available to consumers. Seven out of ten households reportedly use candles on a regular basis, and nine out of ten people who use candles say that they feel that the room is much more cozy and inviting with the use of lit candles. so you really cannot go wrong when giving a gift of aromatherapy.

Essential oils are powerful and potent and can be used in any situation or circumstance to lift mood, enhance quality of life and health, heal the body internally and externally, to bring calm and peace or uplift and provide energy, or simply to improve the ambience of a room, making its inhabitants relaxed and at peace.

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