Custom Spirit Wear Continues to be Popular on College Campuses Across the Country

Custom school shirts

Finish the Frog!
Donut Let Love Hurt!
When your daughter walked in the house afternoon she was still laughing. After having breakfast with a group of high school friends, she came home with two different shirts. The frog shirt was a jab at a college rivalry between schools that her friends were attending, and the donut design was the theme of fundraising t shirts from one of the other girls’ college sororities. Meeting for breakfast after their second year of college was a fun way to catch up on this day when 12 of the old gang was in town. It was a way to share stories from their four college semesters so far, and it was a way to coordinate schedules for the rest of the summer. It was also, however, a way to show off the latest school spirit gear.
With no exceptions, the girls around the table were wearing college apparel. One girl wore one of the fundraising t shirts from her college gymnastics team; another girl wore a shirt proclaiming the mission of her sorority’s philanthropy mission, and another in the group was wearing a bargain shirt that she had found at the campus team spirit store.
A later social media post from one of the people in the group summed up the wardrobe choice for high school and college kids across the country: I brought home so many clothes for these three weeks and I ended up wearing the same five t shirts and 3 pairs of shorts.
School may be out for summer, but that does not mean that the action has stopped. In fact, it is during the summer months that many club sponsors and student officers are making plans for the next school year. And while there may be many ways that these groups can raise monies, few are as profitable as the ever popular fundraising t shirts.
How Many Pieces of School Spirit Clothing Do You Have Stashed in Your Closet?
Whether your group is looking to sell elementary school spirit shirts or college sorority sweatshirts, the apparel sales continue to be popular. In fact, knowing that 62% of Americans claim to own more than ten t-shirts in their wardrobe, for a combined 1.5 billion shirts, is an indicator that this is not a fad that is going away any time soon.

  • Making money for a school club or a church event can sometimes be a challenge, but the decision to sell t shirts seems to be a successful platform.
  • Yearly totals reaching $1.4 billion worth of field trips, computer labs, athletic team uniforms, playground equipment, and other youth programs, products, and services are achieved through product fundraising events.

  • Family members, high school classmates, college friends, and, sometimes, complete strangers, will invest in a cause if you offer them a well designed and quality made t shirt.
  • Areas fundraising t shirts can do their own advertising. Leading up to an event, for instance, a clever t shirt design can have people coming to you to buy your product.
  • Various principals across the country overwhelmingly believe it is important that they personally build school spirit at their school. Of the 89% of building administrators who believe this also content and that higher levels of school spirit are tied to higher student achievement.
  • One favorite t shirt can make its way into a wardrobe at least once or twice a week.
  • Retail numbers show that approximately 2 billion t shirts are sold worldwide each year.
  • In today’s digital age, 17% of crowdfunding donations are made on mobile devices.
  • The average product fundraiser generates more than $3,100 for non-profits and schools.
  • Estimates indicate 1.4 billion people worldwide donated money to nonprofit organizations in the year 2014.

  • School spirit wear shirts often include the name of the group, the date of the event, and other important information.
  • Half of the people involved in activity programs indicate the reason they were involved is so that they can be engaged in their school.
  • In a time when more and more Americans are concerned about their health, 64% of Millennials prefer to fundraise through walk, run, or cycling events.
  • Research indicates that 34% getting involved is a way to show school spirit
  • The timing is right to begin your summer plans for raising funds for next school year!

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