DIY Butterfly Scrunchies

In this video, you will learn about butterfly scrunchies. This video shows you how to make scrunchies for beginners with a bow tie scrunchie pattern. This DIY hair bow scrunchie is very easy for beginners, surely you’ll know how to make scrunchies from scratch.

Video Source

You will be sure to add this easy project to your day-to-day projects. She uses scrap fabric and old scrunchies to make these butterfly scrunchies. You will fold the fabric so that it is a triangle sequence. Fold the fabric so that it is overlapping a little. Leave an opening about an inch for the fabric. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can just sew it so it can be flipped inside out. Cut it enough to have a little bit of access fabric. If you don’t have this tool you can do this by pinning a safety pin to one end and pinning it to the other side of the fabric. You can see how the two pieces are aligning. You will have to press the fabric down with a hot iron. Prepare five inches of an elastic band. You can do this with a safety pin, or with a hot iron.

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