Doing the Small Things Really, Really Well

D ring belt

Some things we just don’t think about. We may pass them everyday—we may even use them from time to time—but until we rely on those small, seemingly insignificant things for our livelihood or our safety, we see them as minor details that don’t bear thinking about. But just ask any rock climber or long-distance trucker about the value of “insignificant” things like straps or buckles, and see what kind of answer you get.

Straps, webbing, buckles, D-rings, belts… all of it must be made to withstand tremendous forces. Straps must maintain and secure literally tons of weight, with forces acting on it from multiple directions (as from the G-forces generated by a flatbed truck on a winding road). Designs are created with directional stresses in mind, as well as flexibility and versatility. And swivel-head buckles allow straps and webbing to lay flat no matter the angle when attached, providing more surface area contact between the strap and the load.

But with all that functionality comes an emphasis on safety as well. A secured load will make it to its destination, and it’ll keep everyone safe while doing it. Ratcheting buckles provide an audible and tangible sign that a strap is secure and tight, so a driver is free to worry about the potential hazards on the road ahead, and not on the load behind him. And the ease of D-rings and buckles make adding redundant safety straps an easy step in the process.

Today’s straps and buckles are built tough… and built to last. Materials are stronger, lighter, and more versatile than ever before. Polypropylene webbing straps are light as a feather, but can secure thousands of pounds. Metal buckles are strong and dependable, but nylon buckles are strong, dependable, and light, for easier storage when not in use.

When you rely on buckles and straps every day of your life, no detail is too small, and no innovation too minor to incorporate. Anyone in the sporting equipment, camping gear, rock climbing, or long-distance hauling business can tell you right away whether a strap or buckle is something they would trust. Because sometimes it the little things that matter the most. Continue reading here.

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