Donating to Charities 3 Reasons it Makes Sense

Clothes donations

Clothing is an essential part of everyday life, one that many people take seriously. In the 1930’s women owned an average of nine outfits, but today women own an average of 30 outfits if not more. Clothing is something that is not necessarily bought only when needed, but rather when styles change, or when people want something different. This can probably account for the over 5 million dollars in donations worth of clothing materials each year. Clothing donations benefit landfills, others people and even your own family. Donating clothing has never been easier, especially since charity pick up makes donating a breeze without having to make a special trip. Read below to see how clothes donations can help those in need and how charity pick up helps everyone in the community.

More than Clothing

There is roughly over 2 million tons of clothing recycled every year, but not all of this clothing is recycled for wear again. Less than half of the donated clothing every gets worn a second time after being donated. Roughly 30% is cut up to be used for industrial rags. Couches and homes find use for 20%, as it is shredded up for use as filling in couches and home insulation.

Cut the Clutter

Many people have a tendency to keep clothing for a just in case scenario. Just in case they loose weight, just in case they need it later, just in case they come across someone who may need them. Clearing out the clutter helps cut down on mess, critters and dust in your home and also helps you feel refreshed. When you start clearing out clutter you begin to feel lighter, which leads to clearing more clutter from your home. You no longer have to store stuff that will most likely never be used again, and clutter attracts more clutter. By removing clutter and choosing charity pick up to donate unwanted items your de-cluttering process can go smoothly.

Tax Help

The year that you donate, you also get a tax break. When you itemize your taxes, the dollar amount of items donated is also able to be deducted on your taxes. The value of any goods donated should be written on a receipt. Keep this receipt so when tax time rolls around you can use the amount to help offset taxes, and also so you have it available should it be needed.

Scheduling a charity pick up is not a hard process. Most charitable organizations have an online form that can be used to schedule a pick up at your convenience. Always double check to see how a receipt will be left in case you need one for tax purposes. Check to see what types of items you can donate and check to see their pick up policies. This can help make your charity pick up a breeze, and allow you to help yourself and your family while helping others.

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