Four Pieces of Advice For Choosing a Tattoo

Body art is one of the finest ways to express your personal style, values, feelings, and personality. The artistic designs offered in the best tattoos and body piercing designs are an amazing way of showing what you think and how you feel. With 21,000 tattoo parlors across America, who do you choose one with good artistic designs? And knowing that more than one in 10 people with tattoos have removed one, and another 5% have covered up one tattoo with a different one, how can you make a choice that won’t give you tattoo regret?

Don’t Be Afraid of Change

Some people look at their choices of artistic designs and think they’re stuck with exact lines and colors. In reality, a good tattoo parlor will be able to change the design to your specifications. You can change colors or alter a base design, or use a base design as inspiration for something more!

Take a Friend

You might want to get tattoos together, and you might not; either way, get a second (and maybe even a third) opinion on your choice among the available artistic designs. You don’t have to choose something with a really deep meaning, but you do want to choose something that expresses who you really are. So take a friend who knows you well!

Cultural Awareness

How will your tattoo be perceived by people of other cultures? Is it a symbol that someone else might find offensive? Especially be careful when it comes to Asian language characters. Your idea of what the character means might be completely incorrect, and even if you actually know the meaning, do you know all the double meanings, implications, and how that character means something completely different when combined with another?

Consult Your Old Self

What tattoo would you have gotten 10 years ago? Five years ago? If you can’t think of anything that you would have liked then that you still like now, will you really be able to choose something now that you’ll still like a few years down the line? Some people will love their tattoo forever, but some people are more particular or have tastes that change regularly. That’s ok! If you like to rearrange the furniture in your bedroom every six months, you might not be the sort of person who will enjoy the permanency of a tattoo.

What’s in a Name

The main reason that people have tattoos removed or get them covered up is because they didn’t choose artistic designs that expressed their feelings. Instead, they chose someone’s name, and now the relationship has changed. If you want to honor someone, choose artistic designs that express your feelings, but also remind you of the person you love. If things change, you have a chance of still loving your tattoo because it’s about you .

Whatever artistic designs you love, make sure you’re getting a tattoo for the right reasons, and make sure you choose a reputable and clean tattoo parlor for the procedure. If you do, your chances of suffering from tattoo regret later will be much smaller.

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