How to Pick the Right Suit for Your Body Type

Palm tree on the tropical beachMost women own at least three suits. In terms of what kind of swimsuit is the most popular, 53% of American women prefer one-piece suits and 29% like tankinis. Of the women who wear two piece suits, 56% said they just like the way bikinis look. Buying a bathing suit is a scary experience for many women. Rather than go to the store, this is why there is so much womens swimwear online.

Tips for buying the right womens swimwear. You can find the perfect bathing suit for your body type. Knowing what the right suit for you is will allow you to buy womens swimwear online and avoid the store.

The right suit for every body type.

  1. Pear shaped women. The two things your suits need are coverage and control. Pick suits with higher cut legs. This will elongate your legs and make you appear thinner. If you like cute bikinis, go with suits where the bottoms are dark and the tops bright. Tankinis with skirts are fantastic for pear shaped women.
  2. Apple shaped women. Get a suit with a lower neckline and higher cut legs to draw attention to your legs. Go with a solid, dark color suit or one with a color-clocked style to camouflage the areas you do not like. Darker colors are always slimming so you should stick to those.
  3. Straight shaped women. You should get a one or two piece with detailing. This can give the illusion of an hourglass figure. Go with a lower neckline and bold colors. This will draw attention to your bust and butt. You can get a suit with ruffles, frills and fun patterns but avoid solid colors or horizontal stripes. One piece suits with a darker color in the middle will make the stomach appear smaller.
  4. Want to make your stomach appear smaller? If you get a suit with gathering at the torso, it will mask some of your stomach. Also, tankinis are great. They are less clingy than one pieces. Either way, you want to get womens swimwear online that is either a dark color or a pattern that covers the entire suit to disguise your stomach. Remember, anything with horizontal strikes will make it look bigger.
  5. Want to draw attention away from your hips? Get bikinis with bottoms that rest on and not below your hips. Make the bottoms dark and the tops bright. This draws the eye upwards and away from your hips.
  6. Want to just look thinner? There are body slimming suits that can achieve this for you. You may want to go with a one piece that has mesh or lace. It will give you the slimming effect you want but with a sexy twist.
  7. Hourglass shaped women. Any suit you want is going to look great. Use color and prints to draw attention to the areas you like and away from those you do not.

You can get a lot of cute bathing suits online and find the right suit to compliment your body type.

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