I Want To Become a Body Piercer

Body piercing apprenticeship

Body piercing has been around for thousands of years, in fact, the oldest body piercing ever discovered was found in a grave dated back to 2500 B.C. It has become very popular among Americans with about 83% having their earlobes pierced and 14% having a piercing other than the earlobe. This has created an opportunity for passionate piercers to attend schooling in order to learn the types of body piercings and learn how to body pierce.

A body piercing is exactly what is sounds like it is; a puncture, or piercing, made in your body by a needle, usually producing a hole. Once the puncture has been made, a piece of jewelry is inserted to the site. The site eventually heals allowing for different jewelry pieces to be worn.
It is important that a piercer uses the basic hygiene requirements when performing the piercing. The site of the piercing should be cleaned with germicidal soap, and punctured with a clean, sharp needle. The needle should then be disposed of in a special container, and the sterilized jewelry piece should be put in an adjusted.
Those who are passionate enough to want to learn how to body pierce can attend a body piercing apprenticeship program. Here you will learn the body piercing types, and how to perform each type of piercing. This is important as different parts of the body must be pierced in specific way to avoid and side effects or damage.
Not only will you leaner how to body pierce, but you will learn how to do so in a safe and cleanly manner. Cleanliness and sterilization are important so that there are no germs or diseases spread. It is also important so that the piercing site heals properly and is well taken care of.
Piercing can be a great career for this who are passionate and willing to learn the ins and outs of piercing. It is something that is popular in America and shows no signs of becoming a fading trend. Check out this website for more.

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