Ideas for Popping the Question

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One of the most nerve-wracking, and exciting, moments in life is figuring out the perfect way to ?pop the question.? You want it to be a surprise, yet you want to make sure your intended will say yes! If you?re currently worrying about whether sapphire rings make a good engagement ring, or find yourself paging through engagement ring catalogues, read on for some tips about how to make your big ask a memorable one.

Make Sure You Pick the Right Ring

It was Maximilian of Austria who in the year 1477 founded the tradition of giving a fiancee an engagement ring. Since then, it?s become expected in many places, and 75% of brides in the United States get engagement rings made of gold and diamonds. That doesn?t mean you?re bound to gold, though. There are some good reasons to consider getting something other than diamonds.

You should check that your intended isn?t a strong traditionalist when it comes to the choice of engagement gemstone rings, but if not, sapphire rings, topaz rings, and emerald cut engagement rings, to name just a few, can really broaden your horizons. A gemstone ring can be stunningly beautiful in a non-traditional and colorful way. A sapphire ring, for instance, can come in an array of rich, deep blues and greens.

Make Sure You Pick the Right Moment

Interestingly, only about 3% of American women report wanting their engagement to take place in front of a big crowd of people. If you?re considering a public proposal, double check that your intended would really be comfortable with that. Then, make sure you pick a moment when she?s at ease and happy, not stressed and worried. It?s more important that she be in the right frame of mind to hear you than for the whole thing to come off at a very specific time.

Make Sure You Get Creative

You can be creative in more ways than just going for sapphire rings rather than traditional diamond ones. Try proposing at the end of a scavenger hunt, on the mountain peak at the end of the hike, through a personalized book or photo album, or (if you?re sure she?s ok with a public engagement moment) through the help of a flash mob. These are just suggestions to get your own ideas flowing.

Getting engaged is a huge step, a milestone in any relationship, and one of the most important things you?ll ever do. Make sure you?ve chosen the right ring, the right moment, and the right method; but don?t forget to also listen to your heart. Best of luck!

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