Is Cordless Phones Radiation a Valid Concern? (Maybe)

Protect children from emf

Have you heard the rumor about cordless phones radiation? Supposedly, there may be a link between brain tumors and the patient’s time spent on a cordless phone. While there is not conclusive evidence that is a causation and not a correlation, the urge to take precautions should not be dismissed out of hand. After all, it was only 20 years ago that it was almost unheard of for a preteen to carry their very own cell phone. Now it is more shocking when they do not. Cordless phones radiation is something you can minimize, and it does not require moving to a yurt in the middle of nowhere.

Why Is Cordless Phones Radiation a Thing?

A cell phone gives off radiation 24 hours a day, even when they are not being used by anyone. That may be a chilling fact for the many people who fall asleep with their cell phone close at hand, maybe even a few inches from their pillow. The radiation they give off is called electromagnetic radiation, or EMF for short. These waves cause a disturbance on a cellular level when absorbed by bodily tissue. There is some speculation that the act of holding a cordless phone near the head causes the soft tissues in that region to malfunction, resulting in irritability, headaches, and possibly even tumors.

Can We Just Stop Using Cell Phones So Much?

But a cell phone is not an end unto itself: it is a receiver of the radio waves from satellites and cell towers. To keep up with the rapidly growing popularity of mobile phones, more cell towers needed to be placed. This has resulted in a proliferation of these towers in community areas, most notably in church yards, near school campuses, and even some preschool lots. The data indicates that because of this, children today are exposed to up to 1000 times as much cordless phones radiation as to the children of 25 years ago were exposed. It is unknown the exact problems these young children may face in the coming years.

What Can We Do to Protect Children From EMF?

The most obvious ways to block EMF are to minimize the use of those items that give it off, such as cordless phones radiation. Because this is nearly unfeasible to many people, there are other ways. There have been strides recently in targeted protection, especially wearable protection. The idea is that the piece of protection is worn on the body and will absorb the EMF radiation.

Some people insist that the notion that cell phones may cause harm is outrageous. Wouldn’t we have found a direct link by now, they ask? But it is worth noting that cordless phones have only been around for about 35 years. They have only been used by most of the population for the past 15 years. The question becomes instead, at what point might problems surface? Let’s hope they never do.

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