Jersey Knit Tees Make a Large Percentage of the American Wardrobe

We all have those beloved t-shirts in our wardrobes. There are the ones that match our favorite sports teams, some from those of our favorite events or groups, some t-shirts that are just of the favorite color. With over 60% of Americans owning more than 10 t-shirts in their wardrobe, there is much to consider regarding the role of the t-shirt in fashion and clothing retail.

Jersey Knit Tees and Childhood Fashion

Because clothing accounts for well over half the American budget of back-to-school expenses there is much for retail stores to gain from t-shirt sales. This could include many of the short sleeve and long sleeve shirts that reach fashionable popularity for school kids. Whether there are jersey knit tees matching the most popular athletic teams and athletes of the day, fashionable icons, patterns, and themes can also attract the interest of children in need of new clothing.

Additional Knit Fashion

Among school kids, women and men alike, there are many knit fashions that fill our daily wardrobes and our colorful weekend wear as well. Most every sports team provides a full stretch of clothing to match their team name along with all their amazing athletes. While there may be jersey knit t-shirts, everyone has access to baseball caps for women, for girls and boys, hats of all sizes for all fans. No matter what the team or other excitement desired in those knit clothing pieces, there are so many available based upon whatever you would like to wear.

More than Jersey Knit Tees and Hats

Interestingly enough, there is the addition of crochet knitwear to clothing retail for customers of all ages. With those cute little crochet beanies for babies to have cold weather accessories, there are also knit beanies for children and adults alike. Those cute crochet beanies, scarves and other forms of comfortable winter wear are available for matching sets for the family, making the celebration of any special event enjoyable together.

While you may search the best jersey knit tees to match your entire wardrobe, there are many other knit clothing pieces available for everyone. Girls may like those ponytail caps or visors, and there also may be team color beanie to match those professional or college teams you cheer for every day. There are fashionable jerseys for everyone as well, adding to the fun and celebratory days of watching football, basketball, or baseball games. Given the fact that over 80 billion pieces of clothing are sold around the world each year, there will be plenty to choose from to match your perfect fashion.

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