Movies, Music And Fashion How Caught Up Are You On Current News?

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Current news stories don’t all have to be depressing. After all, it’s a great way to stay up-to-date on all the latest happenings going on in the world. Fashion, film, music…the world really is your oyster for helping you turn heads at a party or impress a group of friends when out on the town. But what to focus on? Should you become an overnight guru on the ins and outs of celebrity gossip or more of a modern critic who can memorize useful facts in history? While no single list has all the answers, the one below can get you caught up to speed on all sorts of interesting tidbits about Hollywood history, current news and the latest entertainment.

Become A Movie Buff

Nearly everybody loves movies. That’s not a presumptuous estimation, either, with Hollywood raking in a staggering $35 billion on average every single year. But how did it get to this point? Look no further than the trailblazers that led the way. Denzel Washington has won two Oscars and still enjoys great success on the silver screen, one of the few black actors to have won an Academy Award after Sidney Poitier’s historical win back in 1963. He co-stars with critical darling Viola Davis in ‘Fences’, adapted from a stage play and receiving rave reviews from multiple publications.

Brush Up On Television

What about television? As you can imagine, there’s plenty of current news to be found on the home screen. Black Entertainment Television (more commonly known as BET) is viewed in an impressive 90 million homes around the world and, as of 2010, is the most prominent network targeting young African-American audiences. It hosts everything from movies to shows to music videos, leading the pack when it comes to artistic expression and industry trends. Will Smith, even now, is one of the industry’s most highly paid actors. Nearly all his films have grossed over $100 million!

Dip Into High Fashion

Perhaps you’re more of a fashion buff. You’ll find plenty to like when you look into how the industry has gotten where it is. Tyra Banks was the very first African-American woman to be featured on the cover of GQ back in February of 1996, later showing up on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue as well as Victoria’s Secret lingerie catalog. Many popular models have started their rise to fame through their Instagram and Twitter accounts, with large follower bases providing them the stepping stone they need to pursue the career of their dreams. Khoudia Diop, a young woman already famous for her brilliantly dark skin tone, is one such example.

Check Out Good Music

Who doesn’t love talking about music? Not only do you have fantastic songs to enjoy, you have the additional perks of fashion, dancing and marketing to muse over. Rihanna has been wildly successful for years now, but her recent sleeper hit album ‘ANTI’ has turned heads for its raw emotion and classic production. Hip-hop demographics’ spending power has exceeded $500 billion as of recent years, making it one of the powerhouse corners of the mainstream media industry. For those who love fun facts, hip-hop received the most ‘likes’ on Facebook back in 2011.

Transform Into A Media God

Whether you’re at an office party or hanging out with a few friends, it never hurts to be caught up on current news and the latest Hollywood tidbits. Art brings people together and allows all of us to express our innermost hopes, dreams and desires. Music buffs turn to hip-hop and rock out of a love for catchy compositions. Movie critics adore the art of visual storytelling and what it has to offer society as a whole. Yet more turn to fashion to better show off their unique personality. What will you get into?

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