Must-Have Spring Fashions For Less

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Spring is here, and soon it will start to feel like it, too. Prepare for sunny, springtime weather with trendy new clothes. The best news? Breathing new life into your spring wardrobe doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Fashion experts share their secrets on snagging trendy spring fashions for less.

Lay the Foundation (E.g. Purchase the Essentials)

The first step is to pick up some basic items. Choose some staples — or versatile clothes — that you will be able to mix and match to create a number of different looks. Fashion blog “Frugal Beautiful,” for example, recommends starting with at least four camis — one black, one white, and two brightly colored tops — and three cardigans. Pick up a work-appropriate skirt, a blouse, and two maxi skirts. Complete looks with a well-chosen cropped jacket or jean jacket. “Build your wardrobe with an arsenal of classic pieces—then layer and mix them up from week to week so you almost never have the same outfit on,” Gap Vice President of Design, Patrick Robinson, tells Glamour. “I like creative combos such as doubled-up cardigans, a blazer worn over a denim jacket, two plaids worn together and hard leathers mixed with soft knits.”

Avoid Buying Items New

Whenever possible, cut costs by purchasing items used, upcycling like-new clothing, or preserving treasured favorites. Instead of tossing your favorite pair of Ray Bans, for example, consider purchasing Ray Ban replacement parts. Replacement lenses for Ray Bans sunglasses are a smart alternative to buying frames new. Whether you scratch your favorite lenses or want to change things up with different color lenses, keep in mind that you can replace sunglass lenses for most trendy pairs.

Complete the Look

High fashion is not all about clothes. Step up looks with trendy hairstyles or well-chosen shoes and accessories. Right now, bohemian or boho fashions are in. Purchase gladiator sandals and a pair of fringed booties to match several outfits and pull everything together.

The trendiest spring fashions do not have to be expensive. Start off with some basic items, mix and match, keep your Ray Bans looking like new with Ray Ban replacement parts, and choose stylish shoes to complete your spring looks. More like this:

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