Protective Work Boots The Basics You Should Look For

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Some jobs are more dangerous than others — after all, not all people work office jobs. For that matter, many people don’t want to work office jobs! With that being said, you can’t work if you’re hurt. Your feet, perhaps, are the most vulnerable parts of your body when you’re working in a hazardous environment. Say you’re working with heavy objects or machinery — should anything fall, your feet are the most likely parts of your body to be crushed. Without the proper protection, your feet could be permanently damaged. Sometimes, feet are injured at the workplace to the point of needing amputation. Still, this isn’t the only risk that is posed to feet while people are working. When working with hazardous organic materials or chemicals, you risk your feet being burned or otherwise hurt should you not protect them properly. Another issue that has long posed a risk to vulnerable feet is that of infection. Some people work in extreme environments for extended periods of time — this means not having a lot of time to properly wash their feet. Good footwear could be what stands between their feet and serious infection. Let’s look into work boots, and how to pick the right ones for your work environment.

Foot Injuries And The Workplace

When seeking, for example, combat boots for sale, you may wonder if your really need boots specifically made for work. Why do you need tactical boots? Won’t any sturdy boots you can pick up at the store do the trick? The answer is no–for a number of reasons. Your feet are at much more risk of damage at work than the average person realizes. Even the simple amount of time a worker spends on their feet is much more than that of the average person. The average person is estimated to walk 10,000 steps a day, while a construction worker walks 30,000 steps a day. Frankly, without protective footwear you’re at risk of creating stress injuries in your foot–the kind of injuries that occur over an extended period of time. Real safety boots make a real difference in the amount of injuries that occur in the workplace. Of all of the people who receive foot injuries at work, only 23% were wearing work boots. Of those that were injured while wearing safety boots, 85% were injured because, in a freak incident, an object hit the unprotected part of the boot.

The Results Of Foot Injuries At The Workplace

Perhaps you’re still hesitant to look into combat boots for sale simply because of the cost involved. While it’s true that these boots are not “cheap”, they’re worth their weight in gold. For one thing, comfortable work boots will last far longer than any “cheap” shoes. For another, they prevent injuries that will cost you quite a bit in medical bills — and cause you to miss days at work, or even leave your career. In fact, it’s believed that by reducing accidents just by 10%, we’ll save as much as $60,000. This is a testament to how much workplace accidents cost in general. On average, when a person injures their feet or toes at work, they miss seven days of work. This is a lot of money lost, while at the same time you’re probably spending money on medical care. So, if you’ve decided to look into combat boots for sale, how much should you expect to spend on them?

What To Look For In Work Boots

When choosing between different combat boots for sale, take your specific work environment into account. If you work with heavy equipment, steel toed boots are musts. Should you work in an environment prone to extreme weather or general wetness, you may want to consider waterproof boots. No matter what, a protective toe cap must be affixed to the footwear’s interior. If you know what you’re looking for, you’re bound to find boots that will keep your feet safe.

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