Say Goodbye To These Engagement and Wedding Traditions

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Are wedding and engagement trends changing? Experts say yes. Long-held traditions are being tossed out the window to make way for unique weddings that defy gender norms and welcome positive changes. How are engagements and proposals changing? What are modern brides and grooms doing differently?

Who Proposes To Whom?

The definition of marriage is changing, and proposals are changing with it. Same-sex pairings or relationships defying gender norms are becoming increasingly common. Men propose to men, women propose to women, and sometimes even women propose to men. For that reason, top jewelers are offering more options for engagement rings. Custom jewelry, including custom jewelry for men, is a popular option. Additionally, although some may include traditional elements like white gold wedding bands, more Americans are choosing rings with tinted diamonds or even gemstone engagement rings. Canary yellow diamond rings, pink diamond rings, in pale blue diamond rings are all the rage, for example.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Walk Themselves Down The Aisle

The tradition of groomsmen walking bridesmaids down the aisle is outdated. More couples are choosing to let their bridesmaids walk down the aisle alone. Groomsmen also walk down the aisle alone, or sometimes they are arranged at the altar prior to the ceremony. The new practice makes it easier to organize the wedding party, and embraces all relationships, including heterosexual and same-sex couples.

Throw Away Your Escort Cards

Don’t waste your money on escort cards. More bride and grooms consider this stationary to be completely unnecessary. For those who do not know, table cards lead your guests to an assigned table. Escort cards designate a specific seat for guests. Using table cards only will save you money, and give your guests the freedom of choosing their seat at their table.

Break out of the mold. Choose classic elements, like white gold wedding bands, sparingly, And feel free to break from tradition. More like this article.

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