Smoke Free Sparklers Provide HOT Wedding Memories!

Wedding sparklers

As the temperatures rise across the country it will probably be no surprise to you that we are right in the middle of the most popular wedding months — June to September. Since 35% of weddings are now outdoor occasions, many couples use smoke free sparklers at their special event. Brides and grooms across the nation are opting for a spectacular memory by including cake sparklers as a unique way to add memorable lighting to their photos, as well as providing either 20 inch sparklers or 36 inch sparklers for their guests to join in the fun.
If you want to use smoke free sparklers for your special day, order enough sparklers for 75% of your guests. On average, couples planning for wedding spend between $165 and $170 on wedding accessories. Planning a wedding sparkler send off allows your guests to participate in an unforgettable way.
The fact that smoke free sparklers are safe makes them the perfect accessory for the 16% of receptions held in outdoor venues like barns. They even work great for the 12% of weddings that are scheduled at country clubs and golf courses.
You can light up the entire service with indoor sparklers or just provide your young guests something to do other than dance as they use their smoke free sparklers to provide flashes of fun throughout the evening.

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