Suggestions for Unique Gift Ideas

Unique wedding gifts

If you are looking for unique gift ideas for a wedding, how about a custom engraved stone? These make excellent unique wedding gifts for nature loving couples or for those who are avid gardeners or even geologists. Of course, the unique gift ideas that you’ll find useful are going to be the ones that fit in with the couple’s lifestyle. They make engraved stones out of river rocks that are smoothed out and rounded by the water passing over them for a period of time.

Geologists believe the oldest rocks that have been found on earth are about 3.8 billion years old. People have been engraving rocks for centuries. Archaeologists have found some petroglyphs that are about 27,000 years old in a dig they did in Australia, so that says a lot about mankind’s propensity to write and draw on rocks. It just seems like a natural thing to do.

Today, they make headstones for graves and even huge signs for businesses by engraving on rocks with sandblasting tools. As the sand is propelled against the rock it can shape letters, words and even artwork. All kinds of unique gift ideas can be made out out of engraved rocks. Unique gifts are always very much appreciated by the recipient. If your gift is really unique, you will always come to mind when the person you gave the gift to looks at their gift too.

One of the best things about engraving rocks or stones is that it makes for a very personal gift. Besides unique gift ideas as those that you can come up with for engraving stones and river rocks, how about engraving on jewelry? A ring or a pendant can be engraved for a woman. For a man, unique gift ideas can include a personal engraving on a watch. If you are invited to a housewarming, how and looking for unique gift ideas, engraved stones are still a good choice too. If would like to find other unique gift ideas you can always do some searching on the internet too. References:

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