The Appeal of Charm Bracelets and The Charm of Pandora

Pandora charm bracelet

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a sister, mother, grandmother, aunt, or cousin? Been eyeing that new angel charm in all the jewelry stores? If so, you may be on to something. Charm bracelets are a perfect gift for the important woman in your life. The history of charm bracelets and tradition is a long one: charm bracelets are often gifted or passed down from mother to daughter. Movie stars such as Liz Taylor and Joan Crawford started the charm bracelet rage in mid-Century America. Over in Europe, Queen Victoria started the fashion by wearing one and also made mourning charms popular (these were often carved from black jet or had a lock of dead person’s hair).

Pandora Jewelry

A popular distributor of charm bracelets is Pandora Jewelry. They became popular in 2000 and feature a patented threading system. Necklaces, earrings, and watches are also available from Pandora and are available in over 65 countries worldwide. Pandora charm bracelets are popular because of their high quality and large array of charms that can help the customer express her individuality. Some popular charms include an angel charm, cat or dog charms, baby charms, best friend charms, or mother charms. Building a charm bracelet can be a great way to document experiences over the years and completing a bracelet can mark some very important milestones in a person’s life! A charm bracelet is also a fast look at someone’s interests or passions and charms make great souvenirs that the receiver can use.

But What About the Cost?
If you’re worried about the cost, charms and their bracelets usually go on huge sales around the holidays, like Christmas. The holidays are also great times to find specialty charms–like a ghost charm, an angel charm, or a menorah charm. Distributors will also sometimes release seasonal charms–ones that you can only purchase that year. Those can be a special addition to any bracelet. If you know your loved one collects charms, you can be sure an addition to her bracelet will be a welcome and appreciated gift!

Where Can I Find Charms and Charm Bracelets?
Other than Pandora, some popular distributors of charms include Alex and Ani, Tiffany and Co., Zales, and almost any major department store will carry charms and charm bracelets. You can also search online–most of these companies also have websites where you can purchase your charms and charm bracelets directly from the site.

All in all, a charm bracelet is a classy and elegant gift that the wearer can add to throughout the years. It can have immense sentimental value and can even be passed down in the family. The wearer can express her personality and individual passions with her bracelet and look forward to adding new charms. Start a tradition today!

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