The Difference Between E Cigs and Vapor Cigarettes (and How to Tell Them Apart)

Vaping cartridges

How much do you know about electronic cigarettes? If you’ve heard of using a “e cig” before, you may think that all of these devices are the same, as they all fall into the category of ENDS — electronic nicotine delivery systems. However, they actually have a variety of features that allow for completely different vaping experiences, depending upon the user’s preference.

For the most part all electronic cigarettes are structured in about the same way. They contain a battery (typically lithium-ion) which has a pass-through at the end for the vapor, a cartridge for the e liquid (which makes the vapor), an atomizer or other heat source to heat the e liquid, and a mouthpiece. In many cases, the cartridge and atomizer are combined into a “cartomizer,” which some say is more effective in heating the e liquid.

Yet one thing that many people don’t know is that the term electronic cigarette refers to many different devices. These devices are sometimes broken up into the categories of “first generation,” “second generation,” and “third generation.” Here are some of the main features of each one:

  • First generation electronic cigarettes look the most like tobacco cigarettes and sometimes referred to as “cig-alikes.” While some of these devices are available as rechargeable electronic cigarettes, many of them are also disposable e cigs, meaning that they can be recycled or discarded once their cartridges are empty. Rechargeable e cigs, however, can be refilled or replaced with a new cartridge. Many users like these e cigs because they can travel easily, and they are also a good introduction to vaping for beginners.
  • The second generation of electronic cigarettes are more commonly called vapes or vapor cigarettes. Vapor cigarettes differ from typical e cigs because they are larger and less cigarette-like. They typically produce more vapor than an e cig, but this isn’t always standard. Because they are larger devices, they are not generally available in disposable models but rechargeable only. While it is possible for a vaping newbie to use one of these devices, these are usually preferred by more experienced users.
  • Finally, third generation electronic cigarettes are usually modified vapor cigarettes. These vapes are customized by users known as “cloud chasers,” who like to create more vapor and put more power into their vapes. They may contain aftermarket parts or even homemade ones in order to be more powerful or unique. While these tend to be made by more serious vaping enthusiasts and aren’t very common, they are sometimes criticized because their variable voltage power sources can be potentially dangerous.

Want to know more about the different vapes and other e cigs? Be sure to find a trusted manufacturer or vape shop to explain these features to you. You can also leave a comment below for more information.

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