The Popularity of Garden Decor

Garden accents

What a lot of people don’t realize is that one of the earliest forms of art and communication was stone carvings and engravings. The type of stones that were used to engrave a message or a piece of art work on were the rounded stones that were smoothed out over time because of water passing around and over them. These types of stones made the best stone for garden art or garden accents even today. Garden decor is something that just about all of us are interested in. In fact, Americans spent $29.1 billion in 2012 on their yards and gardens.

If you have a yard and a garden, you are going to be attracted to the garden decorations whenever you go into a home store that sells garden decor. Most people love to browse the garden decor section to get ideas on the different things they can do to make their gardens more attractive, comfortable and usable. Garden decor is not just all about plants and how to arrange them, you also want to place a few attractive garden stones or garden statues in areas that you want to make more interesting. It is nice to just sit outside and gaze at your garden, especially if you have nice garden decorations.

Gardeners can use engraved stones to mark rows of plants if you have a vegetable garden so that you can know what is in each row. There are some really unique garden decor ideas that one can find online. Just take a look around at Google images and you’ll be amazed at the different ideas that people have come up with for garden decor. If you want to get items for your garden decor, try shopping online.

Not only will you find better pricing online, but you’ll also find a wider selection of things you can use as garden decor. Engraved stones are always great. People just seem to love engraved stones and a lot of people even collect them. Just think of the “pet rock” that was so popular a few years ago. The person who invented the pet rock was Gary Dahl. Even though it was a gag gift, the pet rock grossed over $2 million in sales. Find out more about this topic here:

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