The Power Of The T Shirt Why Shirts Remain One Of The Best Marketing Resources For Businesses

You have an event or fundraising project coming up soon and you need people to know about it. Where do you start?

Creating t shirts for businesses isn’t a bad choice. In fact, it might be the best advertising idea you’ve had! From custom business apparel to get new customers talking to apparel designs for your class fundraiser, a t shirt boasts a thousand words. Today’s marketing tactics come in many shapes and sizes, but the one that’s remained constant for years is the power of a nice shirt. It can be worn repeatedly, passed from person-to-person…it’s just a smart gesture that leaves a big impact. If you’ve considered diving into the art of the t shirt, learning the basics now will pay off immensely in the future.

Here are five things you should know about custom shirts and how they can help you get the word out!

T Shirts Are One Of The Most Popular Clothing Items Ever

How many t shirts do you have filling up your closet? Even if you only keep a few for lounging around the house, you’re likely well aware of how popular they are. Today there are an estimated two billion t shirts sold around the world every year. One study revealed over 60% of Americans claim to own more than ten in their wardrobe, whether for casual wear or day-to-day fashion. As you can already see, custom t shirts for businesses is an idea that’s already caught on!

School Spirit Apparel Is A Great Way To Promote

Say you have a school spirit event that could use a little more promotion. How do you get the word out while still encouraging some excitement among parents and kids alike? Principals today overwhelmingly believe it’s very important to build a sense of school spirit among children to keep them motivated. When it comes to individuals involved in activity programs, over 50% stated the reason they’re involved so they can become closer to their school. Apparel for school clubs, fundraising events and sports teams are great ways of making everyone feel connected.

Custom T Shirts For Businesses Remains A Clever Marketing Tactic

Say your needs run less along the line of getting people talking about a school dance and more along the lines of generating more leads. Custom t shirts for businesses are a marketing tactic that’ll yield even more return on your investment than you thought possible. Studies have shown nearly 20% of crowdfunding donations are made on mobile devices. T shirts are also one of the most popular forms of marketing when it comes to long-term investment, with some Americans keeping company t shirts for years. Imagine all the customers that could be coming in during that amount of time!

Apparel Designs Are Easy To Make And Look Great

If you’re worried your custom company apparel or class fundraiser shirts won’t look good, lay those fears to rest. Creating t shirts has never been easier thanks to accessible technology, with festive, catchy and appealing designs just a few button clicks away. A good rule-of-thumb to follow if you’re totally new to crafting custom shirts is to keep your color scheme limited to two or three colors. That way you can direct the eye where it needs to be and keep your design from coming off as too cluttered. After all, who said you can’t advertise and look good at the same time?

Fundraising Ideas And Generating Leads Begins With A Single Shirt

When you want to circulate some buzz and get some unexpected customers visiting down the road, custom t shirts for businesses and custom spirit wear is the way to go. Today the average product fundraiser generates over $3,000 for schools and non-profits. Online giving grew by nearly 14% back in 2013 and more people than ever are looking for honest causes to support. Creating a shirt with a nice color scheme and catchy logo is a good way to reach out to people while giving back to them at the same time.

Ready to get people talking? Your next great fundraiser is a handful of t shirts away!

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