The Ups and Downs of Renting a Condo for Your Beach Vacation

Vacation condominiums

Planning a family vacation is tough. But thanks to the Internet, it’s possible to browse thousands of hotels and beachfront condos for rent. But with so many options, you may have an even harder time choosing where to stay. Do you want to take the easy route of booking a hotel or mingle with the locals and rent an apartment or condo?

There are advantages to booking both hotels and condos for vacations, but they are very different accommodations indeed. The pros and cons may swing you either way.


Hotels are easy to book and virtually maintenance-free. As long as you don’t break anything, you can live just about any way you want in a hotel. If you’re looking to relax and put your feet up, and maybe paper yourself, booking a luxury hotel is probably the move you’d want to make.

If you’re staying on a resort, you’ll likely have the beach at your disposal, in additions to pools, spas, restaurants, and room service if you feel like staying in for the night.

But hotel rooms can run pretty expensive, especially at a resort. If you’re on a family vacation, you may have to book multiple rooms.


For large groups or big family getaways, condos for vacations are probably the way to go. With multiple bedrooms and common areas, you’ll be able to fit all of your family members in one condo at a flat rate. There is much more private space in a condo, so you won’t be bumping heads with your roommates, and you’ll save plenty of money on your accommodations.

When staying at a resort, you’ll be paying inflated prices for all of your meals, but in a condo you have the opportunity to cook your own meals or explore local fare outside the hotel. Obviously, however, you won’t be able to order room service any time of the day.

Staying in a rental property like a condo is great for big families or parties or for the kind of people that like to explore their surroundings instead of staying on a resort.

Regardless of where you stay, you won’t miss out on beach views or abundance of things to do. When booking your next vacation, consider both options and see which is most logical for you.

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