Three Important Pieces of New Furniture Shopping Advice

Modern home furnishing

Craigslist is full of living room furniture items that can be described as antique (really old), designer (from Ikea), heirlooms (it used to sit in a parent’s basement), retro (tacky), or solid oak (there’s some wood). While these items are great (terrible), it’s important to remember that your dining room, bedroom, and living room furniture sets are going to be the third most expensive investment you’ll ever make. So, you’re going to want to buy new.

This means it’s worth taking some time and being careful whilst you shop. You might have the best modern home furnishing ideas in the world, but if you’re not careful, they’ll never come to fruition and your bank account will suffer for it.

Here are a few helpful pieces of advice to keep in mind while you shop for new living room furniture.

Test the Seating Support.

The sofa is perhaps the single most important piece of living room furniture you’ll have, so you’ve got to check its seat support quality before purchasing. The best kind of support is the eight-way hand tied system. Failing that, the sinuous spring system is also good. Be sure to look out for these details as you shop online, or ask a salesperson to direct you to sofas like these when you’re in the store.

The Type of Wood Matters.

When shopping for hardwood cabinets and end tables, know that the wood type matters. Solid wood living room furniture is aesthetically pleasing, but it’s more expensive and can be damaged easily. Veneers are more durable and less expensive, since they have a cheaper wood base that’s covered with several layers of higher-quality wood. If the entire is piece is made out of composite wood or particle board though, you should probably pass on it since it’s not going to last long and probably doesn’t look all that great.

Inspect the Finish.

Sometimes manufacturers and craftsmen like to disguise flaws with deep paint or stain finish, so be wary of that. Also keep in mind that opaque finish should be even, without any bubbling or visible brush strokes showing.

If you have any questions about how to shop for new living room furniture, feel free to ask in the comments. Check out this website for more:

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