To Rent Linens or Not? Wedding Day Decisions

Chair cover rentals for an event

You make a lot of decisions when it comes to planning a wedding. In fact, you will make so many minor decisions that it will feel like decision making is the only thing involved in wedding planning. After the venue is booked, the date is picked, and you have your wedding attire picked out, you will focus on the wedding decoration. One of the important wedding decoration decisions is whether or not you will do party linens rentals. Party linens rentals include tablecloth rentals and chair cover rentals. When making this decision, focus on the following benefits.

They can cover up imperfections of worn down tables and chairs

You do not always have control over the type of tables and chairs you have access to. In many cases, the tables and chairs are provided by the venue. If they are older, it is possible that there are cracks or dents in the material. The chairs might even not match. You, of course, have the option of renting newer and higher quality tables and chairs, but that can get very expensive. Party linens rentals are actually a much more affordable option. You can simply cover up the less than perfect tables and chairs with your choice of wedding tablecloths.

They give you the ability to customize and design

Even if your venue?s tables and chairs are in good condition, they might not necessarily fit in with your overall design or wedding vision. When you go with linen rental companies, you open up your options to customize and design the event of your dreams. If you have always dreamed of a spring wedding, you can go with floral colored linens. If you are going for a fall themed wedding, you can customize your event with fall colors, such as oranges, greens, and reds. Some party linens rentals even come in a variety of themes and patterns.

They protect the condition of the tables and chairs

Whether or not you are renting the usage of the tables and chairs, you want to leave them in the condition you got them in. Excessive damages can cause you to pay more for your venue fees. Even if you purchased the tables and chairs on your own, you could potentially be left with damaged items, after the wedding. Although weddings are not usually prone to excessive damages, accidents do occur. The average number of wedding guests is 165. With so many people consuming food and drinks, it is possible that breaks and spills will happen.

Party linens rentals can protect the overall condition of these items. In fact, many chair cover rentals for an event are made with absorbent materials, but it is usually much less to replace single linen, than it is to replace a table or a chair. Linens, especially, can absorb up to 20% of its own weight of moisture, while still feeling dry to the touch. Linen is also the strongest of the vegetable fibers and has 2 to 3 times the strength of cotton, making it one of the best linen material types to go with for a wedding.

Affordable linen rentals

Because linens come in all designs, materials, and sizes, there are many different price options available. This means that you can have party linens rentals, on pretty much any budget. When you factor in the benefits that linen rentals provide, they become even more cost efficient. You can also adjust your budget, based on the delivery of the linens, the setup of the linens, and if you are combining the rental with any other needed items.

The wedding planning process consists of many decisions. You are constantly making decisions about the specific events of the day, who will be a part of the wedding day, and how it will look. Careful consideration of each decision will ensure that you make the decision that is best for your specific wedding day event. Choosing to rent wedding day linens, for example, can actually save you money in your budget, in the long run. Consider how linen rentals might be useful to you.

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