Use Sparkers to Make Your Send Off Special

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Sparklers add fun and and excitement to any event. Using them as the way to send a couple off after a wedding reception is gaining popularity. Wedding sparklers make that send off an event in and of itself. The average number of people who attend a wedding is almost 140. Having about 100 people waving sparklers, with them brightly burning in the night, makes even the end of the reception feel like a real celebration.

If you are considering having these at your wedding, here are some things to consider.

  1. Check with the reception venue. Before you go out and purchase a ton of wedding sparklers, make sure they will be permitted at the venue. The ideal setting for their use is an outdoor reception at night. You can do this indoors if you get smoke free sparklers and the venue is ok with it. You can also get indoor sparklers for weddings
  2. Brief your photographer and videographer about your plans. If you use wedding sparklers, you will want to have a record of it! There does not seem to be as much of a point to the wedding sparker send off if you do not get pictures and video of it.
  3. Let your guests know about it. If you know you are going to do this, you can include something about it in your invitations and you should have your DJ or MC both let the guests know this is happening, where to get their wedding sparklers and give the ?go? signal when the time is right. You want all of your participating gusts to light their sparklers at the same time. They only last for about 45 seconds so the timing is very important.
  4. Plan your exit so you have enough space to get out safely. Wedding sparklers are safe enough but they are on fire and they can spew flame fragments. Brief your guests about not pointing them at you as you walk buy. The last way you want to do is have your send off be in an ambulance because your dress caught on fire. Likewise, your guests will need some space. If your venue is super cramped, this might not be a great idea.
  5. Line your exit route with candles. You want to make it as easy as possible for your guests to light their wedding sparklers. Enlist the help of your friends and family to keep them lit as people light their sparklers.
  6. Be careful about allowing young children to handle the sparklers. Granted their parents or guardians will be with them but make sure they realize that sparklers can be sharp. Anytime there is fire involved care should be taken with children. You may want to consider getting the blowing bubbles for younger kids, then they can safely participate in your send off and everyone loves bubbles.
  7. Give guests more than one sparkler. You can also buy extra long sparklers. Giving them all more than one will help you make sure they all last for your send off.
  8. Put out special garbage containers for the used sparklers. You do not want someone setting other garbage on fire with their sparklers.

One other way to incorporate these fun items into your wedding is to get cake sparklers.

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