• Want To Create The Best Birthday Party Yet? Try Setting Up A Temporary Tattoo Booth

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    You want to create a fun and memorable birthday party. What can you do to stand out from the pack?

    Creating a fashion temporary tattoo station is a great place to start. The best thing about birthday parties are just how darn fun they are for the whole family, giving everyone an opportunity to let loose and be silly. Appealing to different age groups can be tricky for some, especially for very young children, but never fear. Custom temporary tattoo options are colorful and easy to use for both children and adults, meaning everyone can get in on the fun before digging into some delicious cake.

    Tattoo Fun Facts

    Tattoos have been around a long time! The art of decorating the skin with permanent ink has been found in hundreds of cultures across the world, with some of the most ancient methods still being in use today. Although this material is found in all sorts of children’s toys (and even food), glitter isn’t actually a new invention! It was commercialized back in the 1930’s, though even earlier renditions like mica flakes were used as far back as ancient Egyptians. As the saying goes? “Some things never change!”

    Fun temporary tattoos for kids can be found just about anywhere, adding some pizzazz to your birthday party and paving the way for fond memories.

    Fun For Adults And Kids Alike

    Why have tattoos remained so popular? Look no further than its universal appeal. Everyone has something they can get out of a tattoo, from getting hyped up with the family to expressing personal taste. Temporary tattoos, in particular, are defined by the FDA as decals used to decorate any part of the body. They also need to last from one to seven days. Halloween, the Fourth of July and birthday parties are some of the most popular events for glitter tattoos.

    Tattoos come in all kinds of styles. You can choose sparkly glitter, shiny metallic or something colorful and simple!

    Lots Of Fun Designs To Choose From

    You don’t have to worry about boring your guests. A fashion temporary tattoo is only as limited as your imagination! There are a ton of lively colors and subjects to choose from, with some packages including themes to better match the look of your party. Butterflies, hearts and sparkles are cute and classic, while dragons and robots can add a visual punch to any wrist or cheek. The best sized kid temporary tattoos should be 1.5″ x 1.5″ so they can fit just about anywhere.

    The most popular spots on the body for tattoos are the wrist, foot and back. For kids? Try the forehead or cheeks so they can show off to their friends!

    Easy To Apply And Remove

    Applying a tattoo is easy. Just hold it in place for 30 to 60 seconds and hydrate teh skin afterwards by lightly patting a water-based lotion on top. This will keep the skin from drying out and flaking it off. Don’t worry about permanancy! Temporary tattoos come off on their own in just a matter of days, though they can also be washed off with some rubbing alcohol. This is due to most temporary tattoos being as waterproof as possible so they can last awhile.

    Kids are always rushing off to the next big thing. Temporary tattoos mean they can enjoy expressing themselves without committing!

    Create A Fashion Temporary Tattoo Booth At Your Kid’s Next Party

    Now you know about all the ways you can apply the art of the fashion temporary tattoo. Now what? During your kid’s next birthday party you can set up a little booth either outside or inside, with all of your glitter tattoos and metallic tattoos spread out for them to browse. Let them fuss and debate over which one they like best — it’s a great way for kids to express their unique interests! Once they choose a tattoo they’ll likely spend the rest of the party showing it off and roleplaying with their friends. Adults can also get in on the fun (though probably not on the face!).

    Birthday parties come every year. Why not make this one the best party yet?

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