Want To Do Something Nice In 2018? Try Donating Your Clothes To Charity

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The seasons are changing. With it comes change, growth and a whole host of new ways to help out your community.

Why not donate some of your used clothes? Spring cleaning is a commonly accepted way to toss out the old and bring in some of the new…as well as old. Thrift stores have enjoyed more success than ever as of late thanks to the plethora of financial and social benefits they provide, ranging from helping out local industries to providing people with affordable, gently used clothes. Need more? You can save money on your tax return and free up the clutter in your home, among other things. Here are some easy donation guidelines to keep in mind next time you think about charitable clothing donations.

Did You Know?

Just how far can your charitable donation go? Industry statistics have some answers. The average American today purchases around 10 pounds of previously used clothing every year. While that’s certainly good news for thrift shops, it’s also estimated 12 million tons of clothing and textile waste are thrown out in the same span of time. Landfills are a notorious drain on the environment, creating bacteria, polluting the air and even affecting surrounding wildlife. When you donate clothes you recycle useful materials and keep landfills small, creating a happier and cleaner country through tiny efforts.

Make Sure They’re Gently Used And Look Nice

What donation guidelines should you keep in mind before filling up a box and calling for used clothing pick up services? A common phrase is ‘gently used’. No holes, tears or burns should be on your clothing, as they will often go straight to the clothes rack to be sold. Stains and spots should also be double-checked before finding a charity of your choice. Think about what you would like to see in a thrift store and you’ll have a pretty good idea as to the donation guidelines.

If You Don’t Live In A Limited Climate, Consider Donating

Not sure which clothes to toss out? Try these tips on for size. If you live in a one to two season climate and haven’t worn a certain piece of clothing for six months or more…it’s time to toss it. This is particularly true if you find yourself constantly shuffling it to the side while looking for your next great outfit. Throwing out your clothes isn’t always easy (particularly if you’re trying to save up), but the money you save in the long term will more than cover up those expenses. Let’s take a look…

Keep Your Receipt To Save Money On Your Tax Return

Donating to your charity of choice, following the above donation guidelines as closely as possible, can see you saving money on your tax return. Back in 1930 the average American woman owned around nine outfits. Today that figure is closer to 30. No matter where you stand on the fashion scale, being able to save some money is more than enticing enough. Make sure to keep your receipts close at hand when you file your yearly tax return and keep in mind the IRS may require a certain amount of charitable giving, such as $150 or more, to qualify.

Call For Donation Pick Up Services To Save You Time And Money

Now that you have some donation guidelines under your belt you can start looking at ways to send your clothing to your local charity. The best way to do this if you’re under a tight schedule is to reach out to pick up clothing donations. This is as simple as gathering all your unwanted clothes into a bag or box, making sure it’s clearly labeled and leaving it outside your door for services to pick up. It’s thought as much as 95% of Americans participate in some level of charitable giving. No matter what the new year holds for you, local donation pick ups will help your environment, your community and your day-to-day life in one fell swoop.

Ready to go? Keep your donation guidelines on hand and be generous without a second thought!

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