What Are You Doing to Look and Feel Young Again?

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Getting old is not fun. Even people who look and feel their best do not always look forward to the prospect of aging. They fear the possibility of losing their edge, their power, and their looks. As a result, many individuals look toward options like testosterone replacement therapy, non-surgical facelift, and laser skin resurfacing to keep them vital and productive.
Testosterone replacement therapy is an option for men who find themselves lacking both energy and drive. As the body ages many physical and emotional changes occur. For some men, finding a way to keep their hormones at normal level helps them achieve the lifestyle that they want. A consultation with a doctor can help potential testosterone replacement therapy candidates decide if this is a viable option for them.
Non-surgical facelifts are an option that is available to both men and women who want to keep their youthful appearances. The fact that procedures like Hyaluronic acid-based fillers have an injection pain that is as low as one or two on a scale of five makes these procedures even more appealing. In addition to being pretty painless, the cost for some of these non-surgical procedures is also affordable. For example, the price of Juvederm injections can vary based on the areas treated, the amount used, and the location of the practice, but they typically range in cost from a mere $300 to $800.
Another non-surgical option is a chemical face peel. This procedure has been so popular that in the year 2012 1.1 million chemical peel procedures were performed. This process, like many other procedures like Botox treatments, can be completed as an out patient service. In many cases, patients are able to schedule their life changing procedures overs a lunch break or a weekend, never even having to miss work or other responsibilities.
Let’s face it, America is considered about appearances. In today’s world, clients have many opportunities to improve their looks, rejuvenate their energy levels, and return to the person their were during their youth. In a time when the total number of spa visits increased to 160 million, with the average guest spending $87 per visit, it should not be surprising that it sometimes feels like everyone else is looking great as you look and feel older and older. In fact, in 2014, the U.S. spa industry reported revenues of more than $15.5 billion. These revenues include everything from testosterone replacement therapy to Botox.

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