What Did the ASI Study on Promotional Tees Reveal?

Custom printed tank tops

Cheap custom tee shirts are an excellent way to promote a business, and the Advertising Specialty Institute recently conducted to find out just how well they work. Here are a few interesting things they found about cheap custom tees.

Almost Half of America Has a Promotional, Custom Tee.

The ASI found that the marketing strategy of selling or giving away promotional, custom tees is so widely used that 48% — virtually half — of U.S. consumers own a custom tee. When divvying up the data by gender, men are more likely than women to own custom tees.

Promotional Shirts Have a Pretty Strong Impact on a Person’s Memory.

Selling or giving away branded shirts is a surefire way to help consumers remember the company’s name. The ASI found that consumers could easily recall the name of a brand that had given them a promotional tee. In the Southeast, about 81% could recall the brand name of a company that’d given them a shirt, and in the Midwest, a whopping 95% of people could. The others in between — the Northeast, Southwest, Pacific, and West — each had rates of 88%, 88%, 90%, and 93%, respectively. So no matter where your business is located, giving away promotional tees will work, especially if it’s in the Midwest.

They’re Incredibly Effective.

Not only will people remember what companies gave them promotional tee shirts, their opinions will likely be swayed by them, too. According to the ASI, about 57% of U.S. consumers feel more favorable about the brands that had given them free promotional shirts. In the Southeast, custom tees were also able to generate nearly 4,000 impressions.

Though it’s not that unique of a marketing strategy, it is an effective one, which is why so many companies do it. If you have any thoughts, feeling, or questions, feel free to share them in the comments. Read more here.

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