What To Buy Used Online Vs. New

Is it better to get a new car or used

You need to buy stuff. For yourself, for your house, and you for your loved ones. Of course, this can be draining especially financially but there is no way to avoid it. The most you can do is use a few tricks to save your coins.

One of these tricks is to buy used goods. Now, this may sound easy, but you need to be very careful when it comes to picking what to buy used or new. As you contemplate doing that you need to ask yourself questions such as, is it better to get a new car or used?

Here’s a guide to help you make the right choices.

Things to Buy Used

So, what are some of the things best bought used? Is it better to get a new car or used one? Read on to find out more.


Most people will tell you that buying a used car in cash is the way to go, but is it better to get a new car or used one? Well, here’s the deal. A new car loses a significant portion of its value as soon as you drive away from the car dealer’s and that is after you have parted with some good money.

If your question remains, is it better to get a new car or used one, the answer would be to buy a used one and pay in cash to avoid expensive loan payments. Now, getting a new car means more dependability and longevity but that doesn’t mean that used cars cannot be reliable and require minimal repairs and maintenance costs.

Another reason why you should shop for a used car is that the insurance costs will be lower compared to those of a new car. Do not shy away from walking into a Yamaha dealership to get yourself a used car.


The thing about bikes is that they tend to last longer because they are not used for long by their original owners. This is particularly true for children’s bikes because they usually outgrow them when they are still valuable.

The best part is that you can purchase a used bike from credible platforms like craigslist and eBay for a fraction of the original price. So as other people ask if it is better to get a new car or used one, keep in mind that you get value for your money when you purchase a second-hand bike. Consider getting a used Harley Davidson for sale.


You don’t need to be told that you can get second-hand stylish and in good condition clothes, especially for kids. Again, this is because kids outgrow their clothes fast. It is no wonder then that stores like Rent-a-Swag are successful. Other than that, there are many other thrift stores like Salvation Army and Goodwill that sell children’s clothes that haven’t been worn for long. Therefore, if you are looking to save money on your kids’ clothes because they will certainly outgrow them before long, consider visiting a thrift store to get them quality second-hand clothes.


You are probably renting a home or apartment and understandably so because doing so can save you a twenty-year mortgage and a good amount of money. For most people, renting is much more financially viable than buying a home.

This is true especially if you do not intend to stay in one place and you are not financially ready to purchase a house.

However, if you are looking forward to owning a home and do not have the money to buy a new one, you should consider purchasing a used one. So, as other people ask if it is better to get a new car or used one, consider getting a used home.

It may require a facelift, an AC installation, and a flooring contractor but once that is done, you will realize that it is worth your while. The same goes for a facility like a gun range.


New books and especially textbooks are quite expensive but the best part is that they can be handed down. Therefore, you should never get new books unless it is required of you by an institution but that will rarely happen. It also doesn’t make sense to spend a whole lot of money on a book or books that you will use for a semester and never need them again.

You cannot deny the fact that a used book has the same information that a new book does. With used books, you get more characters like random notes written on there or interesting drawings to keep you entertained when you are bored.

Sites like Chegg, Thriftbooks, and Amazon stock used books. You can also get the same from local thrift bookstores. By buying from such stores, you not only save money but also support your local community.

Kitchen Appliances

Quality appliances are known to stand the test of time. It could be a fridge, microwave, blender, or even a crockpot. However, just like any other machine, kitchen appliances do wear down over time and it may take a little bit more effort to use them.

That doesn’t mean that you should shy away from getting yourself a used appliance. New appliances are quite expensive so if you are not in the financial position to buy new ones, consider getting second-hand ones. Sites like eBay and Craigslist can link you to private sellers including restaurants if you are in the market for bigger appliances like refrigerators.

Storage Containers

The debate for new vs. used storage containers may leave you confused. Perhaps you need the containers for storing food in the fridge or for general stuff in your garage. Whatever it is, you can save a significant amount of money by purchasing used ones that are in great condition.

Wedding Attire

This is a no-brainer because a wedding dress is only worn for a few hours on one day. So, why would you be willing to spend so much money on a dress that you are going to wear once in your lifetime? The best course of action would be to rent or buy a second-hand one that costs cheaper.

This may also leave you wondering, is it better to get a new car or used for your wedding but that is entirely up to you.

You also want to keep in mind that weddings are expensive so it is important to cut costs wherever you can. Wedding attire is available in consignment and thrift stores.

The same goes for engagement rings. After all, a ring is just that – a ring. Even if it was worn by someone else for some time, it is the thought that counts in the end.

Sports Gear

As kids grow, they are going to experiment with every kind of sport that they can and while that is a good thing, you as the parent will spend a lot on the gear they need for the different sports. Think about karate lesson attire, basketball hoops, hockey sticks, baseball bats, and the like.

What may pain you most is that the kids give up on the sports within a short time meaning that your money goes to waste. To cushion yourself from the pain that comes with that, you should consider getting second-hand sports gear from online reselling stores or popular sites like eBay to get such gear.

Things to Buy New

While buying second-hand goods is a way of saving money, there are some things that you should buy new. They include:


The thought of purchasing a used mattress probably makes you cringe and for good reason too. A mattress is one of the things that you should never buy used. By buying a new mattress, you know exactly where it is been and you don’t have to worry about disuse

There is also the issue of bedbugs and you know, it is hard to get rid of the pesky parasites once they get into your home. With a used mattress, you put yourself at risk of welcoming them into your space.

Granted, mattresses can be costly, but you can find some affordable options in discount furniture stores like Walmart or online platforms like Casper or Leesa that sell mattresses at lower prices than retail stores.

Baby Stuff

You already know that buying used baby clothes is a money-saving hack but that is where it stops. All the other stuff that you need for your baby should be bought new. Therefore, if you are looking to buy baby furniture, utensils, or even car seats, think about buying brand new.


The biggest question when it comes to buying stuff would be is it better to get a new car or used one, but laptops also come into play. Laptops are quite costly and sure, you may be lucky enough to buy a used laptop that will serve you just fine. However, you can never predict whether a used one will be good for you or not. In that regard, you always want to buy a new one.

With a new laptop, you know the service history and you can always get any issues addressed because it comes with a warranty. If you get a used laptop and something major fails, you are likely to spend a lot of money fixing the issue.

If you are on a tight budget, you can always get a refurbished laptop that comes with a warranty.


You have probably bought a pair or two of used shoes but that is not the wisest thing to do. You see, shoes tend to form to the owner’s feet quite fast when they wear them. When you buy a used pair, it will have formed to the previous owner’s feet and that may end up causing you foot or back pain.

That said, you can get away with lightly worn shoes for casual wear. If you want work boots or running shoes, always buy new ones as you will be doing a lot in such shoes and the last thing you want is a pair that has already formed into someone else’s feet.

Car Tires

Remember when the question was is it better to get a new car or used and the answer was to opt for used? Well, the same doesn’t apply to car tires. Even if you buy used car tires that look like they are in good shape, you will never really know what they have been through. This is because used tires may have plenty of damage inside and still look good on the outside.

The previous owner may have been driving at high speeds, or on rough terrain and if that is the case, their tires are likely to be severely damaged and in need of RV repair. You don’t want that because it is a safety hazard and will cost you expensive repairs in the future.


Just like laptops, televisions lose their value whenever new models are released and this happens often. To prove it, try donating your TV to a thrift store. If it is older than several years, chances are that they will not want it.

The newest technology like Chromecast, Amazon Fire Sticks, and Blu-Ray can only be used with the latest televisions so if you use any of them, you may want to buy a new cheaper TV model.

You can save a lot of money by buying some of the things you need used but some things are best acquired new. It is best to go with your instinct whenever you are trying to decide between buying new or used stuff. For instance, used forklift parts will save you a lot of money seeing as new ones are quite costly.

Even when you are asking, is it better to get a new car or used one, your instinct plays a huge role in guiding you. If instinct fails, you can always refer to this guide.

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