What’s So Appealing About Animal Onesie Pajamas for Adults? The Answer May Surprise You

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Maybe you’ve seen them advertised or heard the rumors, but it’s true: onesie pajamas for adults are making a comeback. For some it’s about nostalgia. Others, however, want the comfort that a onesie can bring. Some people even like wearing onesie pajamas that look like animals or other creatures for added fun.

What makes these pajamas, especially ones that resemble cows, rabbits, pigs, and other animals, so appealing? Here are three things that parents and kids alike love about onesie pajamas:

Animal onesie pajamas for adults and kids are fun for the whole family.

From young children to older adults, the pajama onesie is becoming a favorite in households all over the nation. Many people had onesie pajamas when they were growing up, especially the footed pajama type. Now those same footed onesies are available in adult sizes to give adults the chance to relive that comfort from their childhoods. Some companies even make matching pajama onesies in all kinds of styles that are fun for the whole family. In other words, it’s possible for everyone to dress up as their favorite animal and be comfortable thanks to onesie pajamas.

Animal onesies aren’t just for home — they’re for special events, too!

During the South by Southwest Festival in 2012, 309 attendees broke the Guinness World Record for biggest pajama onesie dance party. Revelers wore everything from all different types of pajama onesies for adults, including animal onesie pajamas for adults, too. In sadder news, when an escaped cow was killed by police in rural England, mourners were asked to wear cow pajama onesies to a memorial service. However, this served as an excellent way to remember an animal and stay warm outdoors, too. Animal onesie pajamas for adults are ideal for any kind of casual gathering.

You don’t have to wear an animal onesie if you don’t want to.

Not a fan of dressing up as an animal but want the comfort of a onesie? That’s okay. There are plenty of other types of onesies out there. Some brands make plain onesies in a number of fabrics, such as cotton, flannel, and fleece. Fleece is popular because it comes in varying thicknesses for added warmth; that fabric is measured as 100, 200, or 300 for thickness, with the latter being the thickest and least flexible fabric. Some styles of pajama onesies have feet; others have hoods. They also come in a number of different colors, including pink onesie pajamas, and sizes, such as plus size onesies for adults.

What type of onesie would you want to wear? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

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