Why Use eCigs? Here Are Three Reasons to Switch from Smoking to Vaping

Disposable electronic cigarettes

Each year, millions of people look to quit smoking, but they are only met with limited success if they go cold turkey. Even those who use nicotine patches or gum don’t satisfy the physical need to smoke, and many will go back to cigarettes within a matter of time. However, there is one method for quitting smoking that’s been proven 60% more successful than patches and gum: using electronic cigarettes, or eCigs.

So why use eCigs instead of smoking? Here are three reasons to make the switch from smoking to vaping:

    1. Using eCigs is safer than smoking: Everyone knows that smoking is dangerous, and yet many people still smoke tobacco cigarettes. Smoking can cause lung cancer and other diseases and has long term effects on a smoker’s health. Yet electronic cigarettes don’t contain the same harmful ingredients as tobacco cigarettes, like tar or other carcinogens. The simple solutions used to crate vapor also don’t contain the chemicals found in secondhand smoke, which means they can be safely used around others.

    2. Vaping can save you money: Cigarettes are expensive, and many people who smoke on a regular basis spend hundreds of dollars per month on cartons or packs of cigarettes. Those prices aren’t likely to go down any time soon as state governments impose greater taxes on cigarettes. However, vapor cigarettes do not carry the same taxes, mainly because they do not contain tobacco. Why use eCigs? They tend to cost less, and rechargeable models can be used again and again. This leads to cost savings for users, as all they have to buy are eLiquid refills for their rechargeable vapor cigarettes.

    3. eCigs offer greater variety: Speaking of eLiquids, these substances are used in eCigs to create the vapor. However, they have greater variety than just tobacco and menthol. Today there are more than 7,700 different flavors of eLiquid on the market, and they come in flavors that range from cherry and watermelon to coffee and chocolate. Even more unique flavors like waffles or frappuccinos are available from some vendors. Beyond that, even the devices themselves come in all different varieties to deliver the most optimum vaping experience to any user.

Why use eCigs? The answer is clear: these devices are far less harmful and more cost effective, and they offer the user choices that tobacco cigarettes never can. Have more questions about choosing the right eCigs? Ask us or leave some suggestions in the comments.

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