Why We Love Our Leather

Leather briefcases

My first encounter with real leather products were probably the saddle shoes I wore to Wildewood Elementary every day. These school shoes were a standard yearly back to school purchase that lasted until I outgrew them. And while I perhaps was not in love with the style, my mom always said that you get what you pay for and that’s truly the case for fine leather goods. Shoes today constructed with man-made products that I sometimes buy for my own children rarely make it through the first semester of the school year. They just don’t hold up like the quality leather shoes of my youth. I, too, have come around to spending more to get a good quality, long-lasting product.
History of Leather
The use of leather dates back to Roman times when they used leather to craft boat sails. Leather was also used for furniture, weapons, body armor and tents. Leather continued to be popular and 1,000 years later, the most fashionable Egyptian women were wearing it.
Leather in the Fashion Industry
Aside from coats, there are many other types of accessories made from leather. Leather satchels for men, leather backpacks, mens and womens leather wallets, purses and belts add texture and enrich ensembles. Look around and you might notice that the average person is wearing or sporting at least 4 leather goods at any one time. Leather is so hot right now that model Chloe Moretz was modeling a number of fine leather products for Coach’s 2016 campaign.
Leather Outside the Fashion Industry
Though leather couches and chairs are not new, there is a trend toward decorating with leather. Leather specialist Absolute Breton says that in 2015 decorating with leather goods especially in the luxury industry has never been more popular.
How to Care For Leather
Because leather is susceptible to absorbing oil and grease, leather backpacks, purses an coats should not be set down on surfaces that might be oily. It’s also advisable to not take lotions and liquids along either. If you must, put them in waterproof bags or containers within satchels. When caring for a leather coat, it is advisable to clean it every 6 months to maintain its suppleness. When storing a leather garment, it is advisable to keep the humidity above 40% to prevent the fibers from becoming desiccated, altering its structure forever.
There is no denying that Americans who love fashion and function gravitate towards fine leather goods. From bomber jackets to leather backpacks to belts to shoes, that texture and durability make those fine leather goods a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.

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