Why You Should Be Renting Your Wedding Reception Equipment Rather Than Buying

Rental linens

Part of the fun of a birthday party, wedding or banquet is the planning. There’s just so much you can do with crafting the spread, designing the decorations and planning the activities! However, the downside to all the possibilities before you is just that. Sometimes it can get overwhelming organizing the ideal baby shower or school dance. How can you shave off some of that stress so you can enjoy the process from start-to-finish? This is where wedding reception linens or a chair cover rental comes in.

Renting your equipment is just as valid as buying it. By the time you finish this list, you’ll be more than privy to all the ways you can save money and reduce stress while keeping your party the toast of the town.

There’s No Need To Pull Your Hair Out

You and your guests want to have a good time. So why are you pulling your hair out? When crunching numbers and sending out invitations has you exhausted, renting your party equipment is the way to go. A recent survey saw 50% of women admitting that planning their wedding was way more stressful than they had anticipated. Common sources of frustration include finding the right caterers, crafting a classic set-up and getting enough accommodations to make sure everyone is comfortable.

Learn From Other People’s Wedding Celebrations

There’s no shame in learning from those around you! In fact, this is a great way to add your own unique flavor to your special day while avoiding common pitfalls. Over 80% of Americans will marry at least once in their lifetime and the country sees wedding raking in an astonishing $50 billion every year. After-wedding parties? These have increased by 12% over just the past year. So…what is everyone doing to supplement their own particular wedding? Let wedding reception linens give you the answer.

Choose A Linen That Can Stand Up To Tough Messes

A very popular choice for weddings the world over is choosing a strong linen. These can cover tables, chairs and desks to ensure that messes are caught and kept at bay. Linen comes in a wide variety of sizes, with many available in 134″ rounds as well as eight foot drapes for more standard sized tables. They do, however, come in smaller sizes for side-tables. A specialty linen rental can offer you wedding reception linens that can suit any style and any guest count.

Become One With The Art Of The Linen

Think that’s all there is to know on linens? You’ll be surprised at just how flexible and durable these products are. Linen is the strongest of all the vegetable fibers and has three times the strength of cotton. It can also absorb up to 20% of its own weight in moisture while still feeling and appearing dry. Now that’s something! For birthday parties with a lot of children or after-wedding receptions with plenty of alcohol, you’ll never have to worry about disastrous spills with table linens for rent on your side.

Rent Your Equipment And Create The Party Of The Year

When half of all couples spend more on their celebration than originally budgeted for, you’ll be glad to know about the benefits that come with a party rental. The average number of wedding guests is at around 160 to 165 these days and half of all weddings will be officiated by a friend rather than a professional. Add that to the countless banquets, graduation parties, birthdays, events and fundraisers that happen every year and it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Renting equipment is less stressful, more affordable and just as fun.

Mop that sweat off your brow and give a little faith to a specialty linen store. Your wedding reception linens or party tablecloths may be the secret ingredient you’ve been waiting for!
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