Why Your Business Needs to Start Using Compressed Tees Right Now

Screen print custom t shirts designs

There seems to be an app for just about everything, hence the saying “There’s an app for that”. Now, Doobie — an app that allows users to create custom print tees simply by uploading a picture and using intuitive design tools — is slated to become the Instagram of custom designed tee shirts.

The app’s young creator, Shannon Toh, who also founded a Malaysian-based design and manufacturing company named SaltyCustoms, believes in the power of quality printed t shirts and aimed to share this with people around the world. Not only is Doobie’s custom tee shirt maker easy to use, it’s surprisingly affordable. T shirts can be designed for only $24.90 and shipped worldwide in just 15 days for free.

It’s easy to see why Toh believes in the power of promo t shirts. After all, the proof is in the pudding! T shirts by themselves have become a staple of American fashion and culture. Adding a custom design only increases their appeal. As such, it’s only natural for businesses to use them to build brand recognition and loyalty.

Compressed tees — custom t shirts that have been shrink wrapped and molded into a shape — have become especially popular due to their uniqueness. Compressed tees can be molded into a variety of shapes, such as a heart for a Valentine’s day promotion. A business card, contact information, or coupon can be included in the compressed tees’ packaging in order to reinforce the message.

It’s easy for target audiences to become overwhelmed, if not annoyed by, the amount of advertising they are constantly bombarded with. Most internet users simply ignore online advertisements. It’s almost as if target audiences have become desensitized to certain forms of advertising, rendering them completely ineffective.

Custom designed and compressed tees are an excellent way to break the cycle and pique interest. They can be used to reinforce your businesses’s online marketing initiatives through their physicality.

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