Winter Weddings Create Beautiful Photos

Everyone had a very Merry Christmas, but now gears are shifting towards the January wedding! You recently sent a preliminary list of “duties” for all of the host couples. You took the first part of the list to want to thank everyone for the help and support that they have given so far and acknowledged that you would likely be working like crazy the day of the wedding without the help of the host couples. Instead, you hope to have enough plans in place before hand to be able to enjoy your only daughter’s wedding. You are hoping with eight people helping out the chores will not be so overwhelming that the host cannot enjoy themselves as well.

The first task for the group begins the day before the wedding when you will be able to be in the venue to decorate. Most of the hosts have indicated that they will be available for this time so you are hoping the work will be completed quickly and everyone will have plenty of time to get ready for the rehearsal dinner.

On the day of the wedding the pictures are starting at 1:30. One snag is that you have not yet received confirmation of when the florist is arriving with the fresh flowers, but obviously it will be sometime before pictures. In an effort to have inexpensive wedding flowers you have promised the florist that you will provide help finalizing things. One of your sister in laws has many specialties, and one of them is flower design idea. With her help you are certain that even the inexpensive wedding flowers will still look great.
Even Inexpensive Flower Design Ideas Can Still Look Great

Prior to the service itself, you are hoping the host couples will help keep everyone calm by running errands for the wedding party and keeping everyone organized prior to the ceremony. You also need the hosts to make sure all the twinkle lights are turned on in the table top inexpensive wedding flowers that will already be in place, and that the wine on the tables is ready to open. You also have cookies, cupcakes, popcorn, cheesecake, tub of alcohol that will need to be set out.
After the wedding the bride and groom are not having ushers, so the guests may need some guidance to move from the wedding to the dinner. The couple also is not doing a party bus, so everyone will merge into the reception room and they will have a social hour until about 6:00 pm when they intend to eat. During social hour the hosts just need to keep things moving smoothly. The meal will be a very informal, but tasty, pizza and salad. The pizza is supposed to be delivered about 15 minutes before 6:00, so the hosts will need to have all the trays and everything ready. Once the food arrive, the hosts will basically pull the pizzas out of the warmers, put them on a pan, and set them on the table and keep them filled. The salad and pizzas will be self-serve so the only real job is to just keep the pizza filled on the serving table.

After the meal, hopefully the chores for the hosts are pretty much done for a while and they can relax and enjoy. The inexpensive wedding flowers will be moved from the head table to the photo arch in the dance area. The bridal party will, of course, take their flowers with them at the end of the event, but they will serve as a great way to add color to many of the photos.

No wedding ever goes off without a problem, but it is important to realize that even the mistakes and mishaps will make for great memories. Knowing that the flowers are in place for the ceremony and the reception can help create a beautiful and colorful setting for the entire event can help you know that at least the pictures will be colorful. Whether you end up spending a large amount of money on the flowers, or you find a way to make this budget item affordable, there is no denying that they will be a great, and memorable, part of the wedding ceremony.

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