Yes, You Do Need Polarized Sunglasses

Serious sports require serious equipment. As you go from being a weekend sportsman to a hardcore enthusiast or professional, you’ll need to invest in quality equipment that will work as hard as you do. In addition to the actual tools of the trade, you’ll need to make sure you equip yourself with quality durable polarized sunglasses. Yes, polarized lenses. If you’re doing outdoor sports on a regular basis, you’ll need high quality lenses to take care of your eyes, and simple UV-protection won’t cut it. Here three reasons that it’s time you add a pair of polarized sunglasses to your gym bag this summer.

Polarized lenses reduce glare.

Durable polarized sunglasses have become synonymous with athletes because they are able to reduce glare. To test this out, try holding a reflective surface (such as a picture frame) at an angle under a fluorescent light. With polarized lenses, you’ll be able to clearly see the image in the frame, regardless of the glare. Polarized sunglasses for boating, fishing, rowing, and golf have become hugely popular because they allow athletes to watch waterways without having to squint. However, polarized lenses also work for sports like biking because they reduce the glare of roadway lines on the eyes.

Over time, this reduces strain on the eyes.

All sunglasses have UV protection, but polarized lenses work like “Venetian blinds,” meaning that there are microscopic blinds of film that filter out harmful light. People who struggle with headaches and migraines in particular can benefit from polarized lenses because they prevent the eye fatigue that results from pupils constantly following reflected light.

Polarized lenses aren’t just for sports.

Wrap around polarized sunglasses may be associated with sportsmen, but experts argue that anyone can benefit from a high-quality pair of durable polarized sunglasses. Eye strain doesn’t just occur on the links or on the water–it happens when you go out to get the paper in the morning and on your drive to the gym. Studies show that the average American breaks their sunglasses every 14 minutes, so it’s no exaggeration to say that polycarbonate shatter resistant sunglasses truly are for everyone.

There are several different models of polarized lenses and they’re offered at various price points, so you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank for an outrageous style. Take the time to find a style that feels comfortable and looks good, and you’ll be able to wear it for the rest of your life.

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