Yoga Workout Clothes 5 Improvements in Women’s Activewear

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Yoga pants made in usa

Activewear for women has changed a lot in the last decade, from improved yoga workout clothes to new types of sportswear, dubbed athleisure wear. With activewear sales increasing over 6% for women since 2010, activewear companies have fought hard to meet new demands and creative innovative and comfortable pieces. Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or looking to improve on your fitness apparel, here are a few tips on the newest improvements to activewear:

1. Sweat Wicking Clothing – If you’re big on cardio, weight interval training, or High Intensity Interval Training, sweat wicking clothes can be helpful in absorbing sweat and keeping you feeling cool and refreshed. This moisture management system is especially beneficial if you’re on the go quite often, and unable to always change and shower directly after a workout.

2. US Made Yogawear – With more activewear being manufactured in the US than ever before, yoga workout clothes, specifically are being improved upon. Seamless leggings and seamless tops are two innovations in yogawear that allow you to exercise comfortably, and allow for more stretching and bending.

3. Variable Compression Gear – This leading new type of clothing is targeted to help promote blood circulation and control muscle oscillation. In short, many runners find compression apparel alleviates strains on muscles and offers much needed support during cardio activities.

4. Athleisure Clothing – Today’s world is a much more fast-paced one than that of earlier generations. In fact, in 2010, it was estimated that only 7% of women bought activewear solely for exercise. Thus, athleisure wear was created to keep women ready for exercise, while allowing them to be active and manage their days as needed. Many athleisure items allow women to switch from working out to going to work with just a few minor alterations.

5. Body Engineering Developments – Body engineering technology anticipates how your body will move during workout sessions, and tailors athletic clothing to meet those needs. Pieces with mesh moisture management systems allow your body to breathe while exercising, and engineered tops and leggings constructed to bend with your body allow for easier movements and strides.

With all of the exciting changes in women’s activewear, it’s easy to see why over 80% of consumers enjoy wearing their activewear around the house, while between 40 – 60 % of those women also enjoy wearing their garments to run errands or shop. The innovations in women’s athletic gear, from yoga workout clothes to high-intensity cardio garments allows for maximum activity, as well as comfort on the go.

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