Your Eyes Deserve Designer Protection

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Everyone knows that it is important to protect your skin from the sun, but did you know that UV radiation can damage your eyes as well? The Mayo Clinic warns that the cornea and lenses in your eyes, as well as the surrounding skin, can be damaged by UV exposure, and are best protected with shading and sunglasses. Not protecting your eyes from harsh exposure can contribute to macular degeneration, and certain kinds of cataracts. Fortunately, there are three premier brands that lead the rest in prescription, and non-prescription, sunglasses options.


If you want to be able to enjoy cycling, golf, water or snow skiing without succumbing to the glare of the sun, then quality sports glasses are necessary. Oakley sunglasses are known for being able to withstand extreme conditions, while not sacrificing their recognizable flair. Nascar, surfing, skiing, and MotoGP sports legends are often found wearing their Oakley sunglasses on the racetrack or out in their element. Many of the frames and lenses repel water, and some are even colored to enhance performance in certain sports. For example, a golf-specific color option on Oakley lenses can enhance contrasts on the typical golfing green.

Ray Ban

Aviator sunglasses, popularized by Ray Ban, are the classic choice for designer sunglasses. Their design was originally intended to protect the eyes of pilots from the harsh rays of the sun, and the convex shape of the lenses does an exceptional job of cutting out the sun from every angle. Today they serve the same purpose, so whether you are out for a drive, or out on the town, they provide stylish protection from the sun.

Maui Jim

Maui Jim sunglasses are ideal for water-based sporting, such as fishing in either fresh or salt water, or water skiing, but they can be worn for sun protection during virtually any sport. Maui Jim is known for its advanced lens technologies which remove glare, giving you a clearer view of the water, sky, and world around you. Their crafted lenses are combined with designer frames, so you can enjoy perfect sun protection with their distinct island style.

Finding the right protective eye wear is even easier these days with the increasing availability of glasses online. Sales of online frames actually increased between 2011 and 2012 by 26.7%, and the eyeglass and contact industry in the United States are expected to grow by about 2.1% each year, according to IBIS World research. This means that whatever your preference for prescription or non-prescription eye wear, you can easily find the brands online. Whether you prefer Oakley, Ray Ban, Maui Jim, Gucci, or Versace brands, there are a multitude of sunglasses options to choose from, so protecting your eyes from the harsh sun does not have to come at the sacrifice of style. Learn more at this link.

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