• Over 4,000 Workers Were Killed On The Job Back In 2015 Creating A Safe Work Environment

    Reflective vest

    How safe are your workers every time they clock in?

    This isn’t the sort of question you ask once, but rather, every single day on the dot. Every industry bears its own safety hazards, all important to take seriously so workers are not left with injuries or illnesses when they get back home. People who stand for long periods of time risk developing hip or knee pain if they don’t sit, stretch and wear comfortable shoes. People who sit and type or draw for hours at a time need to be careful of developing arthritis or lower back pain. When it comes to the construction industry equipment such as cargo work pants with reflective tape, breathable reflective rain gear and ear buds are invaluable.

    Rules may change, but some things never do. Here’s what no day laborer should be without.

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