• The Quest for Healthier Eyes

    Ray bans replacement lenses

    Do you know exactly how bad the sun is for your eyes? I had a bit of a shock when I went to visit my optometrist. I’m only 23, but I’ve got the beginnings of cataracts. He asked me if I wear polarized sunglasses. I don’t, but apparently I should, especially since I’m an avid snowboarder. When the eyes are exposed to UV rays, they increase their chances of developing cataracts, and those rays become particularly volatile when they bounce off highly reflective materials, like snow. I’ve been boarding since I was a child, and I guess that’s part of the problem. Polarized sunglasses, which protect the eyes from UV rays, are especially important for children whose eyes are sensitive and still developing.

    Here’s the thing. I do wear sunglasses, just not polarized ones, and I just got this amazing pair o Continue Reading