• Where to Buy Sterling Silver

    A supernova is when a star undergoes a catastrophic transformation, exploding from its core outward, ejecting its mass and matter throughout the surrounding universe. Silver and gold are produced when a star supernovas at the end of its lifetime.

    There is an extreme worth to items made with silver and gold, especially sterling silver, as its durability and radiant beauty is able to catch any person’s glance. An extremely shiny material, it is said that polished sterling silver reflects 95% of the visible light spectrum, making it noticeable even under the lowest of light conditions. Furthermore, silver is known for its worth, with “silver” and “money” having equivalent connotations across 14 different languages.

    Among prized household possessions and jewelry, alloys of silver and gold are used the most often. To call one of these possessions your own is an amazing thing. These items can be put on display for others to see and appreciate, seeing the beauty that your objects Continue Reading