• Supreme Gear in LA A Reason Why They’re So Popular

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    There is little doubt in today’s society that the brick and mortar retail store is struggling. For instance, there seems like there are closing every day, whether that is Sports Authority or other stores. Many stores are struggling with the demands placed on them by an online retail environment that specializes in finding buyers exactly what they want.

    It is said that Amazon has killed retail stores. The reason being is that Amazon offers all kinds of goods, complete with user reviews that give a breakdown of the product and what the product is like and what the cons are to the product, while at affordable prices. Amazon in effect, allows businesses to connect directly with customers. The supplies that is.

    Because of that, retail stores have struggled and in the past ten years many have shut down. Circui Continue Reading

  • Having Fun with Skating Fashion

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    These days, there are so many ways to express yourself, much more than were ten, even fifteen years ago. The internet has opened up a myriad of marketplaces that cater to every need and lifestyle, no matter who you are and where you live. You can get all sorts of fun and crazy things online to express yourself, from graphic tees to weekender bags. The online apparel store boom has made it easy for anyone to become who they want to be through self-expression, from surfers to skaters and everyone in-between. What follows is a list of a few cool things to do with different types of gear, skater and otherwise. This way, you can stand out wherever you go and whatever you ride. Now listen close!