Month: July 2016

Corporate apparel
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Four Secrets for Gaining Clients With Custom Apparel

As the saying goes, “If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. If you give him a t-shirt, he’ll advertise your business for a lifetime.” That’s how it goes, right? We don’t have a PHd in psychology, so we can’t explain the science behind it, but there is something in the […]

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Leather briefcases
Leather tote bags
Leather totes for women

Why We Love Our Leather

My first encounter with real leather products were probably the saddle shoes I wore to Wildewood Elementary every day. These school shoes were a standard yearly back to school purchase that lasted until I outgrew them. And while I perhaps was not in love with the style, my mom always said that you get what […]

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7 Biggest Benefits of Flying with Jet Charter Services

Over eight million people fly every day. We all know far too well what eight million travelers can do to an airport: cars backed up from the gate to the freeway, endless lines weaving their way through security, waiting for every other passenger to collect their bags before yours finally shows up on the carousel. […]

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